The World’s Best Snorkelling Destinations and When’s the Best Time to Visit

Our crazy love of snorkelling can take us all over the internet searching for the best info and latest gadgets. But in all of our snorkel-sleuthing we couldn’t help but notice the lack of a real good guide on snorkelling destinations. Most people know the famous ones like Hawaii and the Great Barrier Reef, but when’s the best time to go? Where’s the best island in Hawaii to go snorkelling? Where can you snorkel with manta rays – and when?

Well, we’ve taken care of all the hard work and created this resource on the world’s best snorkelling destinations. The popular, the obscure – you’ll find them all here. We’ve compiled the most dazzling and beautiful snorkel spots and reefs that truly deserve a visit. We’ve also added some info on when’s the best time to visit (because that’s important), and even a section on where you’ll be able to snorkel with sharks, turtles, seals, and other ocean creatures. At the end, we’ve got a little guide on when not to go snorkelling. If you’re planning on a holiday, read this first!

So dust off those snorkels, and prepare for paradise.

Where to go snorkelling in:

When’s the best time to snorkel in:

When’s the best time to snorkel in: