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When’s the best time to snorkel in Blue Heron Bridge

Want to snorkel the beautiful Blue Heron Bridge ecosystem? Florida’s sunny weather and warm waters make it a great snorkel spot any time of year, but there are times when visibility is better than others. It’s not so much about the weather here but about the tides – here’s how to find the best time to snorkel Blue Heron Bridge.

Best time to snorkel Blue Heron Bridge

High tide is the best time for snorkeling the Blue Heron Bridge. Water will be clearer with excellent visibility of up to 30 metres. To really enjoy the underwater scenery here, you don’t want to snorkel more than an hour before or after high tide. Check out tide charts for the exact tide times.

When to not snorkel Blue Heron Bridge:

Outside of high tide. Visiting Blue Heron Bridge outside of high tide will expose you to heavier water conditions and less visibility as sand is churned up by the water.

If you’re swimming outside the guarded swim area during these times be sure to use a dive flag or you might be injured or fined – there are a lot of divers about.

When to visit Phil Foster Park:

Phil Foster Park, where Blue Heron Bridge is located, is open from sunrise to sunset.


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