Lifetime Warranty

    Lifetime Warranty


      Add Protection, Enjoy Peace of Mind.

      Applies to all the products in your order

      The General Product Policy states that we provide a 30 day return period and 1 year warranty for the entire product selection.

      1 Year Warranty LIFETIME Warranty

      Adding the Lifetime Warranty to your order will ensure that your purchased products will receive full warranty coverage, as the name says, for life.

      Once you add this to your order, you will automatically move up from the 1 year warranty that comes by default, to unlimited warranty coverage.

      30 90 Days FREE RETURNS

      Instead of the regular 30 days return window, yours will be upgraded to 90 days for your entire order, so that in case you change your mind, we’ll cover that for you.

      30 90-Days Money Back

      All orders that are returned within the 90 day period will be fully refunded, no questions asked.

      There will be no penalty applied to the return and refund.

      *The Standard Warranty lasts 12 months from the date of purchase and comes as part of each individual product.
      The optional Lifetime Warranty covers the entire Lifetime of the product or 99 years from the data of purchase of the item.
      For more details, please read our article 22 on the Terms & Conditions page.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Christine G.
      Freedom in the water

      The full face snorkel masks from Ninja Shark have given the grandkids new-found freedom in the water, looking at what's under the water, exploring and being relaxed as they go on a new adventure in the water.

      Gabrielle T.
      Awesome ninja shark masks

      My twins absolutely love their new ninja masks! So much easier to use than the old fashioned style and no water in the mask!!! We also bought a spare for any friends to use. So great 👍👍👍

      Ninja Shark

      We bought this product for our grandchildren and their parents and its the best thing we have ever bought. The kids can handle the masks with ease and its just great. Great product. Well done.

      Spencer C.
      Lifetime warranty review

      I paid the extra for the the lifetime warranty, I’m not sure at this point if I needed to as in my honest opinion the guys you speak to if there are any problems have been nothing short of fantastic. But I guess for piece of mind or you not being as lucky as me with regards to staff $20 odd was money well sent.

      Geoffrey A.
      I love it thanks you

      Thank you

      Vera P.
      Ninja masks, snorkels and fins

      Bought two sets for my grandchildren for Christmas. They love them and I loved the service. Asked many questions all answered promptly. Great service. Highly recommend the product and the company.

      Suzanne B.
      Best product

      My grandkids absolutely love the snorkel set. Great value for money with a lifetime warranty. Why would u want anything else

      Hisham J.
      Lifetime Warranty .. Excellent offer and it WORKS

      Ninja Shark not only communicate at the highest level but also have this great offer of Lifetime Warranty - Peace of Mind.

      Colin W.

      Always great service and awesome company to deal with 🤩👍