We are proud to support non-profit organisations that extend and enrich human rights and the environment.
Over the years we have donated to various community groups and organisations and we are keen on supporting meaningful causes in the future.

Coral restoration has been assisting damaged reefs overseas to regenerate for more than three decades. The not-for-profit social enterprise has collaborated with successful coral restoration projects in Florida and the Caribbean to create the first Great Barrier Reef nursery near Cairns.

They have successfully grown their first generation of corals and planted them on a nearby reef. In September 2019 they moved this nursery to a more accessible location at Fitzroy Island where there is room for expansion. They have expanded and added ten new trees and will work with a tourism operator to conduct tours of the nursery.

The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is now the world's largest volunteer firefighting organisation. The geographic area of NSW is 800,630 square kilometres, which is approximately 10.4 percent of the Australian land mass. The NSW RFS has jurisdiction over 99 percent of the State's land area now, but it had humble beginnings.

During the 19th century, coordinated firefighting was non-existent, with many landowners forced to defend their own properties. By the beginning of the 20th century, in response to particularly serious fires, the NSW State Government formalised control of fire prevention which led to the formation of the first formal brigade at Berrigan in the State's south.

According to the Berrigan Advocate newspaper, the brigade was formally recorded in November 1900 at a meeting at the Royal Hotel on the Murray River. It is the first official record of a formal bush fire brigade in NSW.

The Cronulla Sub Branch of the Returned Sailor’s Soldier’s Airmen’s Imperial League of Australia (RSSAILA) leased their first club rooms at the Cecil Hotel, now the site of the Cecil Apartments, back in November 1942.

Years later the sub branch purchased what was known as the “Whitelaw” land in Gerrale Street and the first club building was officially opened by the Governor of NSW on May 16, 1953.

It was registered as the Cronulla RSL Memorial Club in June 1953 with over 500 members. Activities included housie, fishing, swimming, cricket, billiards and snooker. By 1960 membership had grown to 1,483 and darts, table tennis, golf, indoor bowls and in anticipation of the new bowling green the first outdoor bowls sub club was formed.

The club has gone from strength to strength over the decades. The Cronulla “arrey” is now a local institution and shire landmark. Membership these days exceeds 30,000 with the most recent refurbishments taking full advantage of the clubs’ spectacular beach side location, whilst still paying homage to its history.