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When’s the best time to snorkel in Bali

Want to go snorkelling in Bali? Try not to plan your trip during the rainy season or you’ll be missing out on some great underwater views. If you’re planning on snorkelling in Bali, here’s some information on Bali weather and when the best months to visit are for primo snorkelling.

Bali seasons
Bali is a tropical, hot, and humid climate with two seasons: dry and rainy.

  • The Bali dry season is between April and September,
  • The Bali rainy season is October to March.

Bali rainy season

If you’re planning a snorkeling trip in Bali, don’t plan it during the rainy season. The sea is rougher and wind is stronger, making for poor visibility and murky unsafe waters. Even though you might be able to book snorkeling tours during the Bali rainy season, beware that many of them can end up being cancelled due to poor conditions.

Bali dry season 

The driest months in Bali are July and August, but this is also the high season so you’ll be sharing the waters with lots of other tourists! It also means you might have to pay higher prices for hotels and excursions. A fair trade off, we think.

Best time to snorkel in Bali: May, June, and September for good weather and good prices with less crowded beaches.

When not to snorkel in Bali: October to March.


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