Quality, safety and innovation! Enjoy improved breathability, enhanced viewing area, fully adjustable straps, anti-leak seal and anti-fog to boost your snorkel experience!

      Are you looking for high-quality snorkel equipment for your next underwater adventure? You have come to the right place!

      The most important thing when you go on a snorkel trip is that you feel safe, and having the right gear is a big part of that.

      These special complete packages come with a full face snorkel mask, a great pair of fins/flippers and a waterproof dry bag.

      You can choose the snorkel package which suits you best for both adults and kids. Having good snorkelling gear can make all the difference in a comfortable and enjoyable experience exploring the underworld!

      Owning a pair of top quality fins/flippers makes it easy for you to snorkel whenever you want, wherever you want, and for as long as you want!

      Browse our range of snorkelling masks, fins/flippers and waterproof bags for all, and more below.


      Snorkelling | Packages (8)

      Package: Electra Snorkel Mask + Fins + Bag


      Package: Equaliser PRO Mask + Fins + Bag


      Package: Air Adults Mask + Fins + Bag


      Package: Longer Tube Mask + Fins + Bag (3-11 Years)


      Package: Air Kids Mask + Fins + Bag


      Package: Dry Snorkel Set + Fins + Bag


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