Where can I snorkel with Seals?

Snorkeling with seals in Australia

New South Wales

Montague Island

  • A 30-minute boat ride from the coast of Narooma is this island that’s home to up to 1,000 Australian Fur Seals, making it one of the best spots to snorkel with seals in NSW. The seals here will be splashing in the waters and lounging on the rocks in the sun, and during quieter times you may only see around 200 seals here (still plenty!) As the island is part of a nature reserve, you’ll need to come with a licensed tour operator. That means they’ll take you to a few different locations where you can snorkel with the seals here.



Eaglehawk Neck

  • Swimming with seals in this part of Australia usually also means swimming with sharks, but this is one of the few places where you can snorkel with seals in Tasmania. You’ll find a few snorkel tour operators to take you snorkeling with Fur Seals (as well as dolphins) along the peninsula.


Snorkeling with seals in North America


La Jolla Children’s Pool and La Jolla Seals

La Jolla

  • San Diego’s La Jolla is home to an abundance of diverse marine life, and that includes a large population of sea lions and harbour seals. The ecological reserve is home to a sea lion breeding ground in secret haul-outs, and snorkeling with them can even be done from shore. The best place to snorkel with seals in La Jolla is from the shores of La Jolla Cove, where you’ll find them relaxing on the rocky cliffs and splashing in the water. To view the breeding grounds you can also find snorkel tours to guide you through the haul-outs.




  • Canada is an unlikely snorkeling destination, but off the coasts of Nanaimo you’ll find Snake Island which is home to 250 harbour seals. You can snorkel with the seals here all year round, amongst anemones and kelp forests as well as other marine life. There are plenty of snorkel tours to take you to the island and show you the spots where seals like to frolic. Horseshoe bay is another popular seal snorkeling destination in Canada.


Snorkeling with seals in South Africa

Duiker Island

  • This island off the coast of Hout Bay in Cape Town is home to around 5,000 Cape Fur seals, and you can snorkel with them all year round! The Hout Bay area is marine protected and the seals here are wild and interactive. You’ll find them at their most active and highest numbers in the summer.


Snorkeling with seals in the UK

Isles of Scilly

  • This archipelago in the UK is famous for its huge population of grey seals, particularly around the island of St. Martins. This is the best place in the UK to snorkel and swim with seals, and you’ll find plenty of snorkel tour companies to show you where they like to hang out – even kids can snorkel with the seals here. You’ll see them swimming, hunting, and playing amongst the kelp forests.

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