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Customer Reviews: Ninja Shark Full Face Snorkel Mask

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Fantastic product

We bought this for our daughter. She is desperate to snorkel but has so much trouble with the mask and snorkel. She took to the Equaliser PRO immediately and seeing it in action we have ordered two more. Would highly recommend and well worth the $$$

Air kids

Amazing product. Allows my child with a disability to be able to learn to swim safely and swim in a pool with her cousins and friends without us worrying about her being splashed in the mouth and have fun like all

Equaliser PRO Full Face Snorkel Mask is awesome

The Equaliser PRO Full Face Snorkel Mask is beautifully made but the real advantage for me is the fact that it is so comfortable to wear and makes it so much easy to breathe. In addition the view from the mask is just awesome. On a recent trip to snorkel around an inshore wreck I found the whole experience to be so much more fun because of the mask. Brilliant, thank you Ninja Shark.

I'm 63 - Never too late to start

Actually, I love snorkling. Always have! But now it is so much easier with the Ninja Shark Equaliser. Much better vision. I can swim for longer and I don't have to empty my mask nearly as often. It is difficult to loosen the mask. I think the back clip-fastener needs work. When I come out, my soft hands have a lot of trouble pushing the release button. So, Ninja, work on that. Maybe a flick switch to release it???

Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef

My 6 year old son Max loves his Ninja snorkeling face mask. It is easy to put on and doesn't leak. He loves using it out on the reef.

Great Christmas present

Works perfectly,
Have been using it all holidays and since purchasing 4 friends have ordered one.

Awesome snorkel

Bought for my son he absolutely loves it so much better than an ordinary mask and mouth piece..
Swam for hours

Never too late to try snorkelling

Finally purchased our Snorkel set from Ninja and could not be happier. Tried them out here in Portarlington and loved them. Cannot wait to go away and use them so much more. The dry bag is the best as its all together and easy to stow in the caravan.. Thanks guys, love them

Air kids mask and flippers set

I recently purchased the kids mask and snorkel set with flippers for my 5 year old grandson for Christmas. He absolutely loves it ! He is very confident with face underwater as the mask helps him to breath freely through his nose and mouth . We are excited and looking forward to more aquatic adventures as his confidence and swimming develops.My son is so impressed with the quality and fit of the products he is looking to get a set for himself. All in all , a great product from a family run Australian business and the service and communication from the company was exceptional. I would not hesitate to recommend this company and there amazing products

Great for kids learning to swim and snorkel

Perfect for kids learning to swim and snorkel. My 5 yr old son loves his ninja snorkel set

My Grandsons loved them

I bought these for my grandsons and they loved them they couldn't wait to get to the beach so they jumped in the pool.

Ninja Shark Adult Mask

I love my mask snorkel. I call it my Snork after the action from the 80s. It's nice to cruise along and breathe without too much coordination. My jaw hurt A little after a while because I instantly open my mouth for some sure with practice I'll relax. My 6yo son loves his and goes for hours

Kids snorkel set

I got 3 packs as Christmas presents due to the Black Friday discounts. The kids love them and had so much fun chasing fish, definitely recommend.

Kids mask, fins pack

Sons finds them great easy to use but do need to make sure they are tight which can make it a little hard to put on then. Put great product we can't wait to use them again. We used them at the Tangalooma wrecks. I have it too as 2 my older 2 sons.

Love it

Great fun. Easy to use. Thankyou

Great product

I bought this for my twelve year old daughter and it fits great. This was a great budget option compared to the premium version and I couldn’t be happier. As she gets older, if she gets into snorkeling I would then consider purchasing the premium for her. Great quality and great that it has a bag to keep it together in.

Essential item for a beach holiday!

We bought two full face snorkeling masks for our kids for Monkey Mia! The masks were perfect for the trip and our kids absolutely loved them! They spent hours snorkeling and were delighted with all sea creatures they saw in the water especially during sunset

Love this new snorkelling kit.

Love this new snorkelling kit. Easy to use for beginner!

Snorkelling on Moreton

My daughter loves her Ninja Shark set. That was all she wanted for Christmas so she could snorkel the wrecks at Tangalooma on Moreton Island. Her wish came true and she loved it. She wouldn't have been able to snorkel without the ninja shark mask which allowed her to breath freely and see clearly. Now her Dad wants one for himself. 😀

I purchased a snorkel and flippers for my grandson for Christmas 2020. He didn’t have a great deal of confidence in the water. They live by the sea. Yesterday he made hid mum take him take him for a snorkel in the pouring rain lol. He’s had a complete turnaround we are all so proud of him.
His sister now wants one for her birthday. So I’m jumping online today to buy another one. Thanks guys for helping my grandson who’s 9 by the way with his water confidence.

Great Barrier Reef here we come!

After a trip to Bundaberg our daughter wanted to learn how to snorkel but hated the salt water up her nose and in her mouth. The Ninja Shark Kids Air was THE BEST Christmas present purchase we made! Our daughter has loved using it in the pool and we can’t wait to take it and use on the reef.

If a 2 year old can do it anyone can!

My son (just shy of three) received this set for Christmas he absolutely loves swimming and this has just added to the experience. The mask is comfortable on him and he loves wearing it even around the house. He has no problems breathing with it on. Many snorkeling adventures in our future! Thanks for creating an awesome product

Bloody awesome

The kids love it,they are having so much fun. Better than expected, Will be buying adult ones soon. 👍

Kids snorkel face mask OMG!!!😜

This face snorkel I ( sorry 🎅 Santa) gave Xavier for Christmas has been a game changer. My little man would swim a little bit in the water , not keep up with the other kids ( he’s 7) and splash around the edges. He put this on and is doing laps, swimming in rivers and deep pools!!! You guys are amazing and I can’t thank you enough. I have told sooooo many of my friends to buy this. Absolutely wrapped!!!

Very cool snorkel

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband and he actually loves it. It’s got great suction around the face and you can see so much clearer underwater. I also bought the kids snorkel for my 4yr old and she was able to snorkel without a life jacket because the air in the mask kept her buoyant. These masks worked better than I was expecting and we are very happy with them.