Customer Reviews: Ninja Shark Full Face Snorkel Mask

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Ninja pro adult snorkel

Has been fantastic. Love the way it fits around face..As I have to swim in 16 /18 degrees ocean water do not get the terrible head freeze. Also the separate area for breathing does not fog up and so easy to breathe. Best present I bought myself during the lockdown,. Have also spread the news to other swimmers and they have loved the ninja . Will try sending a photo

Works like magic!

This small gadget does wonders, saves me a lot of time, cleans my dog's paws very quick and he's not so impatient anymore, I guess he loves the massage he gets too and the best thing about, it's super easy to clean.

Awesome !

I’m now @illtake_thewindowseat you can see I’ve been using these masks a lot!!! They are just amazing!! So easy to use, no achy mouth from the snorkel, breathe like normal it’s just epic!! Best purchase I’ve made this year!! 👌🐬🐠🤩

A different full-face snorkel mask

I bought it at a low price on Father’s Day, which I love. I still haven’t gotten to use it, because we’re in lockdown. All I can say is that it is of a good quality and different from other snorkel masks due to the smart air circulation system. I can’t wait to go on vacation with my family and test it.

Lockdown magic

Unfortunately our barrier reef holiday was cancelled due to the Covid lockdown so I can’t comment on what the snorkel is like to use in the water but it is great for noise cancelling during Zoom calls while working at home.
We just call it “indoor snorkelling”! 🤣🤣

Fantastic Product!!!

The Ninja Shark masks are superbly made and are a fantastic product. Our daughter asked for a snorkel for her 6th Birthday so I started searching and came across Ninja Shark and I am so glad I did! She was so excited to receive the masks, flipper and bag set for her birthday and cannot wait too try it out. Thankyou for an amazing product!

Great Purchase recently snorkled along Ningaloo Reef.
Made the experience amazing great vision no fogging easy breathing

Kids love it!

Kids are obsessed and have been snorkelling in the bath and the shower getting ready for their trip to the barrier reef!

Happy little Ninja’s

I got set for both myself and my son.
We both love them and looking forward to our next adventure...

The staff at Ninja Shark were very helpful & rushed through my order to make delivery in time for my sons birthday.

Thank you guys!

Kids LOVE them!

I brought these masks for Miss7 and Mr4 after them not being able to use the “normal” type snorkel. From the first use they were off, so easy for them to use and easy to pack in the car. Definitely considering getting ones for us parents ones too for our up north trip soon.

Fantastic products!

My husband and I are enjoying swimming with the Snorkel and Fins. Very comfortable to use and particularly like the Fins as they are soft and pliable which doesn’t give you cramps like some of the ones on the market. Will be getting another pair so that we don’t have to share. Well done Ninja Shark!

Fantastic product

We bought this for our daughter. She is desperate to snorkel but has so much trouble with the mask and snorkel. She took to the Equaliser PRO immediately and seeing it in action we have ordered two more. Would highly recommend and well worth the $$$

Air kids

Amazing product. Allows my child with a disability to be able to learn to swim safely and swim in a pool with her cousins and friends without us worrying about her being splashed in the mouth and have fun like all

Equaliser PRO Full Face Snorkel Mask is awesome

The Equaliser PRO Full Face Snorkel Mask is beautifully made but the real advantage for me is the fact that it is so comfortable to wear and makes it so much easy to breathe. In addition the view from the mask is just awesome. On a recent trip to snorkel around an inshore wreck I found the whole experience to be so much more fun because of the mask. Brilliant, thank you Ninja Shark.

I'm 63 - Never too late to start

Actually, I love snorkling. Always have! But now it is so much easier with the Ninja Shark Equaliser. Much better vision. I can swim for longer and I don't have to empty my mask nearly as often. It is difficult to loosen the mask. I think the back clip-fastener needs work. When I come out, my soft hands have a lot of trouble pushing the release button. So, Ninja, work on that. Maybe a flick switch to release it???

Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef

My 6 year old son Max loves his Ninja snorkeling face mask. It is easy to put on and doesn't leak. He loves using it out on the reef.

Great Christmas present

Works perfectly,
Have been using it all holidays and since purchasing 4 friends have ordered one.

Awesome snorkel

Bought for my son he absolutely loves it so much better than an ordinary mask and mouth piece..
Swam for hours

Never too late to try snorkelling

Finally purchased our Snorkel set from Ninja and could not be happier. Tried them out here in Portarlington and loved them. Cannot wait to go away and use them so much more. The dry bag is the best as its all together and easy to stow in the caravan.. Thanks guys, love them

Air kids mask and flippers set

I recently purchased the kids mask and snorkel set with flippers for my 5 year old grandson for Christmas. He absolutely loves it ! He is very confident with face underwater as the mask helps him to breath freely through his nose and mouth . We are excited and looking forward to more aquatic adventures as his confidence and swimming develops.My son is so impressed with the quality and fit of the products he is looking to get a set for himself. All in all , a great product from a family run Australian business and the service and communication from the company was exceptional. I would not hesitate to recommend this company and there amazing products

Great for kids learning to swim and snorkel

Perfect for kids learning to swim and snorkel. My 5 yr old son loves his ninja snorkel set

My Grandsons loved them

I bought these for my grandsons and they loved them they couldn't wait to get to the beach so they jumped in the pool.

Ninja Shark Adult Mask

I love my mask snorkel. I call it my Snork after the action from the 80s. It's nice to cruise along and breathe without too much coordination. My jaw hurt A little after a while because I instantly open my mouth for some sure with practice I'll relax. My 6yo son loves his and goes for hours

Kids snorkel set

I got 3 packs as Christmas presents due to the Black Friday discounts. The kids love them and had so much fun chasing fish, definitely recommend.

Kids mask, fins pack

Sons finds them great easy to use but do need to make sure they are tight which can make it a little hard to put on then. Put great product we can't wait to use them again. We used them at the Tangalooma wrecks. I have it too as 2 my older 2 sons.