Customer Reviews: Ninja Shark Full Face Snorkel Mask

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Very happy with mask & flippers, no leaks with mask, thank you

Color: Blue, Pink
Kids love it!!

My kids absolutely love them. They use them all the time.

Fun in the sun

A fabulous Boxing Day spent snorkelling on the reefs around Magnetic Island. The mask was amazing and made deep diving so much easier than my previous full-faced mask. It was a bit choppy in places and the valve system was excellent at keeping the water out. The fins were very comfortable for a new pair. All the gear fitted in the waterproof bag making it really easy to carry. A great package that I’m really happy with!

Ninja Thumbs Up 👍

I purchased two NinjaShark packs for Christmas. I must say they were fabulous. Excellent quality, no leaking and easy for the kids to use. The kids gave them a big thumbs up. I also found the Customer service to be excellent, I made an error when placing my order. I received a quick and friendly response.

Best 5 star given

Me and the wife have the original masks. Made the wife more comfortable and enjoyable in the water. Used to be scared of dipping her face down and now you can’t get her off the fish sanctuaries. Now, I recently got the full gear package of pinch and equalize, certainly the best out there. I tried going on down full mask on and works with much comfort as a freediver. I can no longer go back to old school snorkeling mask. Makes it hard to leave the water though.


I tried in the beach, even when the waves heat my head I got no leaks, no fog, works better than I expected. I'll upload more pictures soon.

The Perfect Gift

I bought the full face mask as a gift for my son but as soon as I tried it, decided I needed one for myself too. Now the whole family are getting one. Great product.

Makes snorkelling easier and more fun

Just in the middle of a trip to the Maldives. Have already used my full face mask 4 times. So easy to put on. Great to be able to breath normally all the time. If water does get in it disappears through the valve at the bottom so you don’t have to worry about it. Fantastic view through the mask. I have not had to stop once to adjust it in the water even after a rush jump in job to view the whale sharks. Well worth purchasing even if you don’t snorkel often.

Long time between swims

I purchased the Ninja Shark snorkel as I didn’t like not breathing through my nose, well it worked a treat, loved it!

Oh so easy!

We took our new Ninja Shark masks on holidays to Fiji. Very easy to pack. Worked perfectly in a range of conditions. We snorkelled for an hour at a time and were always comfortable. No leaks, no fogging, great time. We couldn't be happier with our purchase. Thank you.

Just awesome 😎

We Try it on our holidays in Fiji , and we are really impressed .
It really worth the money !!!


Great product and everyone in Mexico was asking where we got it from! Thank you!!

Our 5yo daughter's first time (NinjaShark) snorkelling

We purchased a NinjaShark for our daughter for a holiday to the Gold Coast. She is confident in the water, but never worn more than swim goggles. The hotel had a salt water lagoon with fish, and I was keen for her to check it out. Without hesitation, she was able to slip on the NinjaShark and into the water. No learning curve at all. She was so excited to see the fish, and in no time at all was pointing them out to me and exploring.

Great introduction to snorkeling for kids

I got these for my 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter. They were both off and swimming with them instantly and loved them. I like how it's so easy for them to use as they just need to put it on, ensure it's a good fit and just breath naturally. As my 4 year old can swim but not to the point of being able to keep her head out of the water easily, this snorkel mask instantly allowed her a lot more freedom and confidence with her swimming. Love them.

Great snorkeling mask I love it

I love the ninja shark mask it's very comfy and never fogs up. I love the dry top feature for diving down and looking closer at things. The ear buds are great as I live on the south coast of nsw where the water is cooler. Shipping was very fast aswell.

Never been so calm in the water!

I really love the set! I've never used such a great mask where I didn't have to worry about whether I was breathing through my nose as it allows me to do so! The vision is great, and I am so keen to keep on snorkelling.

When I ran into some mishaps during my first time using the mask (lost one of the wheel-like valves that separate the eye area from the breathing area to the ocean and the phone case was dysfunctional), Andrew was so lovely to send me a whole new mask with the valves glued in and a new phone case for free despite me only asking for spare valves! I really appreciated the company's dedication to giving the customer the best experiences.

I could dive with ease!!

I'm glad my friend introduced me to this company and convinced me to splurge my money on this set in order to save myself from buying a cheaper, lower quality one now and buying something like this later in life.

When safety is of concern, deal with the experts

I was looking at full face masks for a while (mainly amazon) and was always hesitant due to the mixed reviews and the mind numbing variants and 'copies'. I'm not a professional snorkeller by any means and I generally solo snorkel, so for me, safety is one of the most important factors in making a purchase. Unlike all the other brands, the only way i could get real feedback on the masks in the market was via google search. It was only by chance that i came across Ninja Shark and after a 45 minute chat, my fears were abolished. The guys at Ninja Shark who answered my online chat queries are actually people and are really passionate about what they do. Although they cant guarantee my safety when i snorkel, they certainly helped me understand the differences between what is available on the market and what was important in regards to safety.

I went with their latest product bundle (which allows me to equalize if I 'dive') and took it for a spin shortly after i recieved the delivery (less than 3 days after i ordered - the after pay is handy).

I went out on a windy and cloudy day to Williamstown. It was very choppy but there were two other people there (using traditional snorkels and masks). With the choppy waves, whilst i'd get some leakage (due to unfamiliarity with the mask), it didnt matter as the water drained without affecting my breathing - all be it was a bit scary trying to drown myself to test the mask. After about 45 minutes the other two snorkellers found their way to me to ask about the mask. I swapped with one of them to let him try the Ninja Shark and after 15 minutes he had decided it was time to buy a full face for his daughter.

I'd highly reccomend this mask to my friends and family. And the warranty and support from the vendor is comparable to none. They even upgraded my warranty to 10 years after i recieved the mask.

Photo was taken at home (as its pretty hard to selfie at the beach solo)

Best snorkeling experience ever

I bought this snorkel mask for my son for Christmas and he just loves it! He can't stop raving about how amazing it is. I have tried it too and it's such a huge step up on a traditional snorkel and mask I can understand why my son loves it so much. This really was worth the money!

Wonderful New Experiences with this new mask

I bought this new snorkelling mask right before my new year cruise trip in South Pacific Islands. It had made my snorkelling tours be the very highlight of my whole trip. My breath underwater had never been so smooth, comfy and relaxing before as a swimmer with modest skills. I am so glad I can pay all my attention to explore the underwater world instead of my breath ever after. :)

Awesome set

Loved the complete set. I even used the waterproof phone pouch to take photos and videos underwater. It made my Fiji experience so much better than using the free snorkel set that hurt your face after 2hours and leaving a sun/mask mark. The ninja leaves no marks and gives great vision under water in comparison. It did take some getting used to but it definitely paid off! Only frustration is that the tightening straps are quite basic; they should be much simpler to loosen and tighten both in and out of water.

Ninja Shark Junior

Santa bought the full face mask for our intrepid 9 year old girl. She loved using it for the first time on Christmas Day in the sparkling waters of Geographe Bay Busselton. Love that this is made by a small family business for families!

The Wonderful equaliser masks

The masks are absolutely wonderful, the staff at ninja shark were fabulous in helping us with our every need. The whole family love their new masks and flippers, they have opened up the water world to us all and we are now addicted to snorkling. 10/10 Thanks team Ninja!

NinjaShark 2018 Masks

We purchased 3 Masks for our family for Christmas. After our son has been in a wheelchair for the last 12 mths due to a hip injury we wanted to get something we could enjoy together while getting our Son back to swimming. We couldn't have been happier with our masks. Andrew made sure they arrived in time for christmas. We are amazed at how awesome they really are so much better then your normal mask and snorkle.The kids love them too. Thanks NinjaShark we are so keen on them we are purchasing another 2 masks for our friends kids.


I bought this as a gift for my partner for Christmas. Shipping was super fast which is great.
The snorkel is brilliant! I will never go back to a regular snorkel again and will definitely be purchasing another for myself very shortly. I will be recommending this prouduct to all my friends :)

Very happy little shark...

A huge hit - the children instinctively put them on and played without even needing any help. Easy to use and very effective, and more to the point, fun!