Unisex Silicone Swimming Caps for Adults
Unisex Silicone Swimming Caps for Adults
Unisex Silicone Swimming Caps for Adults
Unisex Silicone Swimming Caps for Adults
Unisex Silicone Swimming Caps for Adults
Unisex Silicone Swimming Caps for Adults
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    Unisex Silicone Swimming Caps for Adults

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      Swim Faster, Swim Better!
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      Keep your valuables safe and dry!
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      Ready to take the plunge at the pool, but want to avoid swimmer’s ear? Make a swimming cap an essential part of your swim gear.
      You won’t have to worry about your beloved hair getting wet or potentially damaged from chlorine, or suffer that uncomfortable feeling of water in your ears. It’s the best solution for comfortable swimming that keeps your hair dry at the same time.


      The Ninja Shark 3D silicone swimming cap is designed to solve all the above problems so you can have more fun when you’re swimming.

      Our swimming cap is designed according to the shape of a human skull. The 3D ergonomic design makes for a comfortable, lightweight fit. Best of all, it’s super easy to put on and take off this swimming cap without snagging your hair in the process.
      Ninja Shark’s swimming cap is suitable for everyone, from children to adults, males to females. Because of the unique 3D ergonomic silicone design, the cap fits well on all heads and easily keeps water out.


      Thoughtful design keeps your ears more protection while keeping them dry. Unlike other swimming caps, ours is made from high-quality silicone that’s wrinkle-free, odourless, and elastic. The thick margin of the cap makes it elastic and more durable over time. Best of all, the swimming cap is easy to put on and take off, giving a snug, secure fit without snagging or pulling on your hair.


      No more hair pulling! The soft, flexible material doesn’t snag or pull on hair, making it ideal for those with medium or long hair. Our swimming cap also protects your hair from chlorine, with pliable silicone that’s designed to fit snugly and comfortably. Personalise your cap and choose from five solid colours: black, white, pink, blue, grey.


      Ninja Shark swim caps offer UV protection by shielding your hair and ears from the sun and making your swimming more enjoyable in the sun. You can use the swimming cap for both recreational and competitive events, from regular swimming to synchronised swimming and water polo.


      Besides being lightweight and durable, the Ninja Shark swimming cap also protects your ears and hair from bacteria, chloride, and other substances in the water.

      Add Protection, Enjoy Peace of Mind.

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