Swimming EarPlugs for Kids (3 Pairs)
Swimming EarPlugs for Kids (3 Pairs)
Swimming EarPlugs for Kids (3 Pairs)
Swimming EarPlugs for Kids (3 Pairs)
Swimming EarPlugs for Kids (3 Pairs)
Swimming EarPlugs for Kids (3 Pairs)
Swimming EarPlugs for Kids (3 Pairs)

    Swimming EarPlugs for Kids (3 Pairs)

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      Ear Plugs in. Water out.
      The thrill of jumping into the pool on a warm summer’s day is a seasonal highlight for most kids. Splashing, wading, and paddling — if you hear that, it must mean a great day in the water! Playing at the beach, waterpark, or pool can be a real treat on a hot day.
      Ninja Shark Ear Plugs are one of the very best ways to protect your kids from swimmer’s ear and prevent the sensation of having water trapped in their ears. The ear plugs are not only super-secure in keeping water out, but they’re also extremely comfortable to wear and come in a range of fun colours to get your little one excited about ear protection.


      We’ve designed the kids’ Ninja Shark Swimming Ear Plugs according to the structure of the human cochlea. The plugs are placed close to the inner side of the ear and flat on the outer ear, making them more comfortable and also closer to the ear for better protection. Your little ones won’t have to worry about their ear plugs falling off while swimming.


      Made of eco-friendly smooth, soft, and flexible silicone, these ear plugs won’t cause any itching, scratching or irritation to the ear or skin. This lightweight silicone pair is contoured to provide a snug fit and minimise leakage, and it won’t feel hard in your children’s ears.


      Let your little ones choose Ninja Shark Swimming Ear Plugs from three different colours (white, blue, pink). We’ve picked these three colours because they’re bright, fun, and difficult to lose. These children’s ear plugs are perfect for swimming, bathing, surfing, water skiing, canoeing, and other water sports.
      A pack includes 3 pairs of ear plugs in all the different colours: white, blue, pink.


      The Ninja Shark Swimming Ear Plugs for kids come in their own handy storage case, keeping them safe and clean when not in use.
      These silicone ear plugs are also reusable, just clean them with freshwater, air dry or wipe with a dry cloth, then store them in the storage case until next use.



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