Not sure how to get started your snorkelling adventure?

      All you need is a full face snorkel mask and you can start discovering new places, new species, and create new memories.

      Find below a wide range of snorkelling masks for ADULTS:


      • Our entry-level - The Air Adults Masks - perfect for snorkelling beginners or those who want to experiment before splurging on the pro gear.
      • Our intermediate level - The Foldable Full Face Snorkel Mask: perfect for frequent travellers and backpackers.
      • Our premium level - The Equaliser Full Face snorkel Mask: is a snorkel mask for the medium / advanced category, the most popular Ninja Shark product, you can't miss it from the list of underwater gadgets.

      If you’re a first-time snorkeller, consider these 7 Tips for First-Time Snorkellers and Beginners:


      1. Get a full face snorkel gear that fits right: Give yourself confidence while out at sea – and more importantly, make sure you stay comfortable – by investing in quality gear that’ll make snorkelling relaxing and not a pain in the arse.
      2. Practice makes perfect: Before you get all confident and run into the ocean, take some time to practice with your new gear first. At first, you can test the snorkel mask in a pool or a calm shallow sandy beach to get a feel for breathing through your snorkel.
      3. Make sure you’re comfortable
      4. Stay calm, and breathe
      5. Take a buddy: Everything is way more fun when someone else is enjoying the ride with you.
      6. Don’t overdo it: Know when conditions are rough, and know your own limitations when it comes to snorkelling.
      7. Don’t undereat, overeat, or drink alcohol

      Discover the Ninja Shark KIDS full face snorkel masks and give them the chance to have a lifetime adventure! The innovative design of full face snorkel masks makes snorkelling a fun and unforgettable experience.

      Easy breathing, flat lens and panoramic view, leak-proof dry-top seal, anti-fog, high-quality liquid silicone, lightweight, these are just some of the awesome features that make these masks the best.

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      Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask


      Equaliser PRO Full Face Snorkel Mask for Adults


      Air Adults - Full Face Snorkel Mask for Adults


      Air Kids - Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids