Snorkelling has never been easier! Snorkelling is a sport at hand, not expensive at all, beneficial for both body and mind, it learns quickly, requires basic equipment and opens the doors to a fascinating world.

      So what do you need for snorkelling? A touch of adventure, curiosity and a quality full face snorkel mask.

      The Ninja Shark range of snorkel masks is designed to allow you to get started in underwater sports. The full face snorkel masks have thick and elastic rubber reinforcements and a strap that can be easily attached to the head to create a vacuum around the eyes and nose.

      Diversity and quality of full face snorkel masks for adults

      All Ninja Shark full face snorkel masks for adults have adjustable straps to ensure maximum comfort, improved anti-leak seal, automatic drainage, easy breathing, through your nose and mouth, a 180-degree panoramic field of vision, anti-fog.

      We’ve taken that passion and made it even easier while snorkelling with a detachable GoPro mount that allows you to easily install and remove your GoPro as you like.

      Find below a wide range of snorkelling masks:


      • Our entry-level - The Air Adults Masks - perfect for snorkelling beginners or those who want to experiment before splurging on the pro gear.
      • Our intermediate level - The Foldable Full Face Snorkel Mask: perfect for frequent travellers and backpackers.
      • Our premium level - The Equaliser Full Face snorkel Mask: is a snorkel mask for the medium / advanced category, the most popular Ninja Shark product, you can't miss it from the list of underwater gadgets.

      Snorkelling | Adults Masks (4)

      Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask


      Equaliser PRO Full Face Snorkel Mask for Adults


      Air Adults - Full Face Snorkel Mask for Adults


      Diving Dry Snorkel Set with GoPro mount