Should You Buy a Full Face Snorkel Mask?

You’ve seen it on social media, it’s piqued your interest, but perhaps you’re still not sure if you should buy a full face snorkel mask. Whether that’s because you’ve already got a traditional snorkel mask you know and love or because you’re not entirely sure if a full face mask is the right fit for you, we’re here to help you make a decision.

Of course, as purveyors of the finest full face snorkel masks in town, we’re going to be a little favourable of them. We’ve been snorkelling our whole lives and full face snorkel masks have changed the game for us, but that said, we’ll do our best to remain objective in this article. We want you to make the decision that’s right for you, so that you can enjoy the underwater activity that brings peace, calm, and contentment to us all.

First things first, what’s the difference?

Maybe you’ve seen the pictures but you’re still not sure what’s the difference between a full face snorkel mask and a traditional snorkel mask. There could be some things about a traditional snorkel mask that you don’t really like, and you want to know whether a full face snorkel mask fixes these issues. On the other hand, there could be things you love about traditional snorkel masks that you don’t want to miss out on with a full face mask.

Whatever it is, here’s the difference between the two:

Features Traditional Snorkel Masks Full Face Snorkel Mask
Equipment Separate snorkel tube and goggles One piece of equipment that combines the tube and the goggles
Breathing The snorkel tube is placed inside the mouth and sticks out above the water. Breathing is through the mouth. Many people find discomfort with this as the jaw can get sore, and breathing is not as natural The snorkel mask covers and seals the entire face, with a tube that extends above the water. Breathing can be done through both the nose and the mouth for a more natural experience
Vision Traditional goggles are slightly curved, making vision a little distorted. They also sit around the eyes, so peripheral vision is not as strong Ninja Shark Full face masks come with a flat lens for less distorted vision. The masks are bigger, offering 180 degree panoramic vision for more views
Water entry Traditional snorkel tubes can be susceptible to water entry, as there is no function or feature to prevent leakage. This is one of the biggest discomforts people experience while snorkelling and can be panic-inducing Full face snorkel masks are designed with a dry top, anti-leak seal that prevents water from entering the snorkel. A drainage system also exists in case water does somehow get in, allowing it to quickly flow back out
Storage As traditional snorkels come in two pieces, it’s important to store them together so you don’t lose a piece. They can also be difficult to lug around as snorkel tubes can be quite long Ninja Shark Full face snorkel masks come in just one piece, so as long as you remember where you stored it, you’re good to go. One of the Ninja Shark versions has the snorkel tube also foldable, making them easy to carry
GoPro compatibility We’ll be honest, we just put this here to show off. Traditional snorkels offer no GoPro compatibility Full face snorkel masks can be equipped with a detachable GoPro mount, so you can take awesome videos without having to worry about carrying the camera in your hands

So who are full face snorkel masks good for?

It’s clear there are some major differences between traditional snorkel masks and full face snorkel masks, and for good reason. Full face snorkel masks have been developed by avid snorkellers (like ourselves!) who just wanted to improve the experience and make it more accessible to others.

To put it simply, full face snorkel masks are a good choice for any of the following: 

  1. People who find the breathing experience while snorkelling to be uncomfortable,
  2. People who are afraid of choking on water, or sick of having to cough it out when it does happen,
  3. People who experience a sore jaw after snorkelling, thanks to having the tube in their mouth for long periods of time,
  4. Snorkellers who want better, undistorted views for a HD snorkelling experience,
  5. Filmmakers and photographers who want to easily record underwater scenery without worrying about losing their GoPro or having to hold it in their hands the whole time, and
  6. General rad peeps who want to try something different! 

If you sit within the above categories, we’d say that a full face snorkel mask is the right choice for you.

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