Introducing Ninja Shark Electra, the next-gen full-face snorkel mask

Smart technology opens up a new way of snorkelling

At Ninja Shark, our love for the ocean knows no bounds. We’re explorers, passionate dreamers and snorkelling nerds constantly searching for new ways to empower people to experience the ultimate freedom and joy hidden beneath the surface of the ocean. Our biggest motivation is seeing kids and adults of all ages snorkelling with confidence and enthusiasm using their Ninja Shark gear.

We’re beyond excited to officially launch Electra, our newest and most advanced snorkel mask. The Ninja Shark Electra full face snorkel mask is unlike any other ever designed - with its innovative technology Electra opens up a new way of snorkelling that we only dreamt of until now.

In this article, we'll take you on a journey to discover the technology behind our newest and most advanced snorkelling mask. Are you ready?

Electra’s innovative air-circulation system

What makes Electra the only smart full-face snorkel mask is its revolutionary automatic air-circulation system. This new technology is a game-changer - it allows for more fresh air to circulate through the mask, helping you breathe naturally and snorkel safely for hours.

Electra’s innovative air-circulation system speeds up the oxygen delivery inside the mask 5 times faster and helps replace the CO2 buildup at the same rate.  

No other full-face snorkel mask is equipped with this next-gen technology.

Activated at the touch of a button, the innovative automatic air-circulation system will let the air circulate in and out of the mask, preventing the CO2 from building up inside the mask.

How does it work? When powered on, the automatic air-circulation system will fill the mask with fresh air while quickly discharging the exhaled air. You’ll benefit from a continuous supply of fresh air inside the mask, with no effort on your part. All you have to do is breathe freely and marvel at the magnificent marine life around you.

You’ll notice the extra breath of fresh air from the first second the Electra air-circulation system will be enabled. There’s no other experience like this and it will completely change the way you preserve energy in the water. Your snorkelling experience will be so much better, more natural and fluid, different from everything that you knew before.


Electra’s long-lasting battery for uninterrupted safe snorkelling fun

The automatic air-circulation system consists of a battery-operated vent fan that you can activate by long-pressing the power button located on the snorkelling tube’s head. With a 2400 mAh rechargeable battery and a fan that rotates at 8000 RPM/min, you’ll be able to enjoy about 3 and 1/2 hours of safe snorkelling, without any interruption.

The mask is equipped with a sensor switch that controls the automatic air-circulation system. When you're above water, the sensor switches on and the fan starts rotating, filling the mask with fresh air and clearing out the CO2. When the tube’s head is submerged in water, the sensor switch is off and the fan stops rotating.

To turn off the automatic air-circulation system, long press the power button. You can use the Electra full-face snorkel mask as you would a regular full-face snorkel mask if you choose to turn off the automatic air-circulation system or if the battery is empty.


Electra’s unparalleled anti-fog and anti-leak design

If you’re keen on exploring the vibrant underwater paradise you’ll need a safe and comfortable snorkelling mask that can offer perfect underwater visibility. This is without a doubt the Ninja Shark Electra full-face snorkel mask.

Electra’s innovative anti-fog and anti-leak design will provide you with exceptional crystal-clear visibility and a serene and effortless snorkelling experience, unmatched by any other snorkelling mask on the market.

The Electra full-face snorkelling mask uses separate systems for the inhaled and exhaled air. The exhaled air is automatically discharged from the mask via the automatic air circulation system, while fresh air is continuously delivered inside te mask, making sure the lens is kept clear without fogging.

When it comes to safety and comfort, the Electra full-face snorkelling mask delivers on its promises. The mask’s high-quality allergy-proof silicone lining is designed for comfort, without exerting pressure on your face while you snorkel, and it creates an anti-leak watertight seal that will stop water from getting inside the mask.

Moreover, Electra is equipped with a one-way drain system found at the bottom of the mask. This way, if water enters your mask it will automatically drain back out when you surface or tilt your head back.

Why choose Electra & upgrade your snorkelling experience?

A new way of snorkelling is now possible, something we only dreamt of until today.

If you’re looking for the ULTIMATE snorkelling experience you should definitely try the revolutionary Ninja Shark Electra full face snorkel mask.

Powered by innovative technology, the Ninja Shark Electra was designed to expand the boundaries of traditional snorkelling, to empower snorkelling enthusiasts to explore the ocean without limits.

We’re beyond excited to be able to offer you the only smart full-face snorkel mask on the market, a product that will make your snorkelling experience so much better in terms of safety, comfort and visibility.

Are you ready for something different?

Immerse yourself into the beauty of the ocean with the Ninja Shark Electra full-face snorkel mask!

How many people dream of snorkelling but don't feel comfortable wearing a snorkel mask?

The Influencer @lud.around is a NINJASHARK lover!

NINJASHARK is the sound of a revolution in snorkeling. Whereas other water equipments companies are constantly adding poor quality products, we listen to your feedback and constantly improve our products to fit for all of your needs.

"I'm not leaving my room without the mask. The full face snorkeling mask from Australia is comfortable and fit me perfectly! Love how easy it is to breath out your nose and mouth when you snorkeling and even has earplugs!"

“The mask include GOPRO mounts, so you can easily film and photograph underwater scenery! I highly recommend especially to people who have a fear of snorkeling! This mask is really easy to use and is safe!” said @lud.around. “I can’t wait for my next trip with my new mask!”

The Ninja Shark full face snorkel masks makes your experiences the best they can be. They are exclusively sold on the Ninja Shark website.

The Ninja Shark full face snorkel masks comes equipped with advanced Anti-Fog technology, automatic drainage, no CO2 Buildup with improved uni-directional valves, and a revolutionary breathe flow system so you can breathe through both your nose and mouth.

“If you thought we’re just here to sell you products, think again. You’re part of the Ninja Shark family, and your feedback matters! We’re constantly working to improve our products and deliver the full face snorkel mask that exists only in our dreams!”

What customers are saying about us…

“Awesome set.

Loved the complete set. I even used the waterproof phone pouch to take photos and videos underwater. It made my Fiji experience so much better than using the free snorkel set that hurt your face after 2hours and leaving a sun/mask mark. The ninja leaves no marks and gives great vision under water in comparison. It did take some getting used to but it definitely paid off! Only frustration is that the tightening straps are quite basic; they should be much simpler to loosen and tighten both in and out of water.” – Jock

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