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How to Take Care of Your Full Face Snorkel Mask

If you already own a full face mask, you know how much you treasure that bad boy. That huge lens has given you some rad views, and your snorkel mask has accompanied you on so many adventures. You wanna take care of that guy. You wanna make sure he sticks around in good condition.

Luckily full face snorkel masks don’t require a tonne of maintenance and care, but a bit of love here and there will make sure your treasured snorkel mask will live on long and prosperous. In this article we’ll run you through some general maintenance you can do to keep your full face snorkel mask clean and shiny, as well as some more rigorous checks you can do before or after snorkel season.

The post-beach check

We’ll be honest, full face snorkel masks are designed to withstand the laziest of owners and so they only require the slightest bit of attention after each use.

  • For the lazy 

If you’re not the kinda person who’s going to spend five minutes rinsing your equipment after use, then do yourself a favour: take five seconds to glance over your full face snorkel mask for sand. That’s it, that’s your post-beach check. If you can’t see any sand, you’re good to go! Your job is over! Chuck the full face snorkel mask in its bag and go do your thing you busy bee.

If there’s sand, though, you’re going to have to rinse out your snorkel mask with warm water to get rid of it. Sorry, but it’s for your own good. Feel free to keep the sand stuck in those little gaps, until it accumulates over time and your mask starts leaking water. Up to you, really. Make sure to wait for your snorkel mask to dry fully before putting it back in its bag.

  • For the non-lazy

If you fancy yourself the kind of person who’s willing to spend a little time showing their equipment some TLC, then you can do the five minute post-beach check. First, scan your full face snorkel mask for any sand.

If there is no sand, proceed to a standard rinse with warm water. If there is sand, rinse it out more rigorously and check the vents for any blockage. Always wait for your snorkel to dry fully before putting it back in its bad.

The more extensive, seasonal check

We call it a seasonal check, but think of it as a more quarterly or half-yearly check, depending on how much you use your snorkel mask (and whether you’re a lazy or non-lazy type).

To keep your full face snorkel mask living long and strong, you’ll want to take a little bit of time out every few months to inspect all parts of it carefully and ensure everything is working right, with no sand, scratches, or wear & tear.

1. Check the vents for blockage, if they are clogged with sand then use a key or a toothpick to clean them out;

2. Check the tube and the button are not clogged with sand or dirt, and clean them too;

3. Look over the silicone padding for any wear & tear;

4. Check the lens for any scratches or scrapes,

5. If you have GoPro accessories, nose clips, waterproof bags, or fins, use this time to look over and clean them, too!

We advise doing this if you’re using your full face snorkel mask after having it stored away for some time, and at the end of a season if you think you won’t be using it again for awhile. You don’t want to deal with a blocked vent or scratched lens when you’re in the water trying to have some fun!

Good storage is good for you

Other than cleaning and checking for wear & tear, if you wanna properly care for your full face snorkel mask you’re going to have to do more than just throw it in a corner when you’re not using it.

Carefully store your snorkel mask in its bag, along with any accessories like nose clips, and put it away somewhere memorable. All too often, snorkel masks get chucked in the garage and people can’t be bothered to find them, missing out on countless adventures! Make sure your snorkel mask is always dry before you store it, unless you want any gross damp surprises the next time you take it out of its bag.

To wrap it up, full face snorkel masks have been designed to withstand careless owners and be easy to care for. Take that little time out here and there to make sure your full face snorkel mask is sand-free and clean as can be, and you could be handing it down to your grandkids one day. Who knows!


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