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How Do I Measure My Face for a Full Face Snorkel Mask?

Just like clothes, you’ll find most awesome full face snorkel masks being sold online rather than in an actual brick & mortars store. There are heaps of reasons for that, but we’re not about to get into a rant about modern day conveniences and the ease and flexibility of buying online. Boring! Instead, we’re gonna discuss another issue that often comes up when buying clothes online, too –

How do I measure the correct size for a full face snorkel mask?

Sometimes people are too afraid to make the purchase for that radical snorkel mask just in case it doesn’t fit their face right when it arrives. And who wants to spend a few days getting excited about their cool new snorkel mask, only to be disappointed when it arrives because it doesn’t fit? Nobody. Nobody wants that.

Seeing as Ninja Shark is one of those online places where you can get yourself a wicked full face snorkel mask, we figured it’s up to us to help you make sure you grab the right size. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun of using a full face snorkel mask just because of a thing like size – it’s actually super easy to measure your face for a snorkel!

In this article we’ll look at why it’s important to get the right size snorkel, and how to properly measure your face to make sure you purchase the right size.

Why do I need a properly fitting snorkel mask?

Sometimes when we want to buy things really badly, we tend to kind of rush into the purchase and not do all the necessary research beforehand.
‘It’s fine’, we tell ourselves.
‘No worries, how important could the size be?’ some others might say.

We just want to buy that beautiful thing we’re lusting after, without worrying about all the fine nitty gritty details. Sometimes you can get away with not properly researching a product beforehand.
With snorkel masks, though, not so much.

Once again, let’s get into what a full face snorkel mask is actually there for. The mask is designed to create a little pocket of air around your eyes, nose, and mouth so that you can both see and breathe underwater.
It’s also designed to be comfortable, so that you can float around immersing yourself in underwater life for ages and ages without feeling any soreness where the mask is strapped on.

  • When it’s too loose

Just like a good pair of goggles, if you want them to stay on your face, they’ll need to fit real nice and tight around your head. If they’re too loose, then they’ll start to slip off. When a snorkel mask is too loose around your head, it’ll let water leak inside. That’s not only heaps annoying, but also quite dangerous.

You need a properly fitting snorkel mask to ensure that water doesn’t leak inside, and that the snorkel mask actually does its job. Otherwise you might as well just go out snorkelling with a pair of sunglasses on, it’ll be just as effective.

  • When it’s too tight

On the other hand, you also want to make sure that you don’t overcompensate and go for a snorkel mask that’s too tight or you’ll be dealing with a whole host of other issues, like headaches and migraines. Continuous use of a snorkel mask that’s too tight will just bring on more nasty surprises. Once again, not fun.

How can I measure my head for a full face snorkel?

OK, so how do you go about measuring your head for a snorkel mask?
It’s actually quite easy. Now this information is best for Ninja Shark products, we can’t vouch that this system of measurement will work for all full face snorkel mask brands (so you might as well just head to our store for your purchase, hehe… )

1. Measure the length between the bridge of your nose and the bottom of your chin (important: straight line and not over the nose)

The bridge of your nose is that top bit between your eyes. Measure all the way down to the bottom of your chin.

2. Find that value

How many centimetres have you got on that bad boy snorkel strip?

3. Determine your size

  • Less than 12 cm – Go for a size S/M
  • More than 12 cm – Go for a size L/XL 




Is there a one-size-fits-all full face snorkel mask?

We’re glad you asked! Because yes, yes there is.

The result of lots of hard work and our desire here at Ninja Shark to always deliver the best and most innovative products to our customers, our new Equaliser mask comes in a universal size.

We’ve designed and patented an innovative new full face snorkel mask frame that fits anyone above the age of 12, so it’s never been easier to find a snorkel mask that fits onto your own unique face shape.
So now you can share snorkel masks with your loved ones, enjoy a comfortable and leak-free snorkel every time, and avoid the ol’ measurement between the bridge of your nose and the bottom of your chin.

How can one full face snorkel mask fit all different kinds of head shapes and bone structures?

Good question, detective! Well, our unique design is the result of over a year and a half of experimenting and engineering, and it’s also fully adjustable for that extra customisation.
We’ve added dual elastic straps make sure the mask fits on perfectly every time.

We reckon it’s the easiest way to snorkel – did we mention you can also pinch your nose & equalise with this mask?

Head on over to this page to learn more if you’re curious…


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