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Full Face Snorkel Masks vs Traditional Snorkel Masks

If you’re an avid snorkeller, you’ll have noticed full face snorkel masks floating on the scene and causing a stir with their revolutionary design. Even as a snorkelling newbie, you’re sure to have seen full face snorkel masks while shopping around for the perfect piece of snorkelling equipment. It’s pretty obvious just by looking at full face snorkel masks that they’re different to traditional snorkel masks, but just what differences are there between the two?

If you’re a new snorkeller looking for a piece of equipment, this article will run you through the differences between full face snorkel masks and traditional snorkel masks, so you can choose the best snorkel mask for your needs. If you’re a long-time snorkeller, with proper gear that you’ve invested in and worn on countless adventures, you might be a bit iffy about trying out new equipment. And that’s understandable. That said, we only think it’s fair to be open to trying new things – especially if they could change the game for you!

So let’s compare full face masks with traditional masks in the ultimate showdown!


1. Breathing is different

Like we said, you can’t look at a full face snorkel mask without noticing its obviously different, space age-y design. That bubble, central to the design of the full face snorkel mask, allows you to breathe from both your nose and your mouth while underwater.

That makes breathing a heck of a lot easier, more comfortable, and relaxing for those who can’t handle the breathing mechanism on traditional snorkels. Just to remind you, traditional snorkel masks only allow you to breathe through your mouth, which can cause discomfort and panic in some people.


2. Panoramic, flat lens view 

That space-age bubble has other benefits to offer – it allows for a 180 degree field of vision giving you better views over traditional goggles. Thanks to the flat lens, a full face mask also offers a less distorted image, opening you up to a whole new world. It’s like going from standard definition to HD.


3. Anti-leak, anti-choke seal

One of the big issues people have with traditional snorkels is the old cough n’ spurt. You know, when water goes inside the snorkel tube and makes you choke on its saltiness. If it’s not that, then it’s water in the goggles. Full face snorkel masks combat this issue with a dry top system that prevents water from entering the snorkel. Basically, a ball sitting at the top of the tube automatically seals the air valve so water can’t get through.


4. No more fog

The good thing about redesigning and innovating is that you get to solve a number of issues that exist with the original product, and in this case, full face snorkel masks have an anti-fog seal that prevents goggles from fogging up. Everyone who’s snorkelled has dealt with goggle fog, and all it does is get in the way of a good adventure. Full face snorkel masks take care of that issue so you can enjoy crystal clear views non-stop.


5. One easy-to-fold piece

If you’ve owned a pair of traditional snorkel masks, you’ll have experienced the occasional rush to find your tube or your goggles or what have you. With two separate pieces, it’s all too easy to lose or misplace parts when it comes to traditional snorkels. As full face snorkels come in one piece, you’re always good to go (as long as you can find it!) The tube is also foldable, making them easier to carry around and store.


6. GoPro compatible

That’s right, this is the future and all our gadgets are designed to accommodate technology. Full face snorkel masks include GoPro mounts, so you can easily film and photograph underwater scenery and sea life as you encounter it. The mount is fully detachable, so you can remove it as you please, and enjoy freer movement while still capturing those glorious moments!

A final lowdown

It might sound like we’re repping the full face snorkel mask, but that’s only because it offers a number of solutions to issues people experience with traditional snorkel masks. Full face snorkel masks have made the snorkelling experience easier, and more comfortable, enjoyable, and relaxing.

Let’s look at the two side-by-side in more detail so you can easily see the difference between traditional snorkel masks and full face snorkel masks yourself:

Traditional Snorkel Masks
Full Face Masks
2 separate pieces
1 foldable piece
Mouth only
Nose and mouth
Curved lens goggles that are prone to fogging
180 degree, flat lens, panoramic mask with anti-fog coating
Snorkel Tube
Unsealed, water can get in
Dry-top seal with anti-leak valve to prevent water entry
GoPro compatible

So there you have it! A comparison of the differences between traditional and full face snorkel masks. If you’re a new snorkeller, you’ve got all the information you need to choose a rad piece of equipment that’ll give you some good adventures. If you’re a snorkelling legend, there’s no doubt some part of you is intrigued by these new masks… c’mon, you know you want to try it out!


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