7 Questions People Ask About Full Face Snorkel Masks

by Mihai Pinzariu on May 22, 2020

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7 Questions People Ask About Full Face Snorkel Masks

By Ninja Shark’s founder (and water enthusiast), Andrew Porter

Got a question about our full face snorkel masks?

Chances are you weren’t the only one to think of it, and someone’s already asked. Lucky you, the answer’s right here! Whether you’ve already got your full face mask or you’re still in the pondering stages, this article should clear things up. It’s not like full face snorkel masks are an incredibly complex gadget to understand, but naturally questions will arise due to the simple fact that they’re extraordinarily new and exciting.

And if you can’t find your question anywhere, well… congrats! Either you’re a creative soul, or nobody’s ever stumbled upon your issue before. Hit us up and we’ll get back to you with a response.

1. Why is there water leaking into my mask?

Those who are still in the thinking stages – don’t freak out! Our full face snorkel masks do have a comfy silicone watertight seal that prevents leakage. That said, there are a few things on our bodies that might get in between the silicone seal and your skin, creating tiny little pockets of space for water to seep through. Such things include: beards, long hair. For that, our beard snorkelling lovers have successfully used vaseline to help seal the face to the mask.

If you’re certain that there’s nothing in the way of your seal, then you may not be wearing the right size for your face shape. Either that, or your face has shrunk since you’ve bought the mask and now it doesn’t fit so well.

2. Can I freedive with the full face snorkel mask?

It saddens us to say it, but the sheer design of the full face mask doesn’t allow for freediving. The dry top seal that prevents water entry doesn’t work when the body is in a vertical position (i.e. while going for a freedive), and the air contained within the full face mask is a lot greater than your usual snorkel mask. What does that mean? Go down more than a metre and that air pressure is gonna start feeling real weird on your face! Another reason why freediving is not possible with a full face snorkel mask is because you’re unable to equalise the pressure between your ears. Which brings us to the next question…

3. How can I balance the pressure between my ears with a full face mask?

Ah, you’ve noticed the fact that your nose is hidden behind the snorkel mask, making it impossible to pinch with your fingers and equalise the pressure between your ears. Clever observation, dear snorkeller. Not to worry! Just because your nose has the freedom of inhaling underwater with a full face mask, doesn’t mean you have to put up with uncomfortable amounts of pressure.

That’s what nose clips are for, buddy. Lots of people already snorkel with nose clips on, anyway, to keep water out of their noses. With the full face mask you’re already sorted for that, so a nose clip instead works to balance the pressure between your ears. Too easy!

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4. What's that sound?

Hearing a gentle hum while you snorkel? That’s your breath, baby! Listen to it and love it. As you breathe, valves located along the full face snorkel mask open and close, letting air in and out and doing all the magical stuff that allows you to stay underwater for so long. Those valves make a little noise, as does your breath, and that results in that sweet gentle hum some people pick up on while snorkelling.

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5. Aaah, I can't breathe!

If you get a moment while using the full face snorkel mask in which breathing is restricted, you’re lucky. The snorkel mask has just saved you from swallowing a mouthful of salty seawater. The dry top seal in the snorkel prevents water entry, so if a wave passes over your head or you lean too far forward, the seal is triggered. That blocks off the top of the snorkel (stopping that gross saltwater from coming in), and prevents you from breathing. Relax! That doesn’t mean you can never breathe again. Just exhale and it’ll unseal itself, and all will be well in the world.

6. Why does sand hate me and my full face snorkel mask?

Sand is a full face snorkel mask’s enemy. If you want your mask to last, keep it away from sand. The fine grains of the sand can scratch the window of your mask, ruining an otherwise perfect view. It can also clog up the floater in the snorkel.

Make sure you rinse your snorkel regularly to keep sand out and prevent yourself having to do a painstaking epic clean. If sand does get into the vents, use a key or something similar to slide through the vents and unblock the floater. And don’t lose your snorkel bag. Your snorkel bag is your best friend.

7. How can I properly care for my full face snorkel mask?

Your full face snorkel mask is your baby. And lucky for you, taking care of it is nowhere near as difficult as caring for an actual baby. Just keep it away from sand, or if it gets in sand – which is understandable since you’ll be using it at the beach mostly – make sure you rinse it out properly afterwards. Let it dry, and keep it in its bag.

Lucky for you the snorkel mask comes in one piece, so you don’t have to keep track of all the bits and bobs, but if you’ve got a GoPro mount, ear buds, or nose clips, just keep ’em in the same bag as the snorkel, will you? Save yourself the panic of looking all over the house 5 minutes before you’re supposed to head to the beach. Thank us later.

Those seem to be the most common questions that pop into our inbox. If you’ve got something else you want to know, send us a message and we’ll give you an answer (no maths equations or homework questions, please).

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by Andrea Garvey on November 26, 2021

Have been looking at these masks to swim laps at my local pool. I tend to forget to breathe properly when swimming and thought this might help my old neck, keeping my head straight. Are full-face masks suitable for this? Cheers A

by Astrid Nordin on November 26, 2021

Thanks for all those explanations.
I would have an additional question related to my hair. I have an afro and to put on a normal mask is already complicated, so would you have some tips for this one?


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Based on 1494 reviews
Package : Air Adults (Mask + Fins + Bag)
JEANNIE O. (Piara Waters, AU)
Bloody love this!

Never snorkelled in my life. Petrified of putting my head under water. But now my neck is bad - if I don't alter the way I swim - then no more swimming for me. This has opened 'a whole new world' - (haha -that songs stuck in your head now) - to me. I'm just using my ninja gear in my gym outdoor pool atm. My legs are getting so strong - and my lungs too - as I'm doing some great breathing. I have huge surgery coming up soon - and i believe this is allowing me to get to a great level of fitness - in preparation. Honestly - i can't go on enough about this product enough. My friend bought a cheaper version. She's given it away already... say no more 🤿🤿🤿

Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
Bolang C. (Perth, AU)
Great design

This is the best snorkel mask I’ve ever had. Very comfortable on face, easy to breathe. I am not a good swimmer, it makes me feel safe and enjoy snorkelling without distraction. Thank you ninjiashark.

Best snorkel ever!!

Got one of these for me and my 7 year old daughter for Xmas. We’ve used them twice already and love them!! So much easier to breathe, can see so much and just makes the whole snorkelling experience better! Would highly recommend!

Clear as day

Clear to see and easy to breathe,
Whole family loves the NinjaShark Snorkel mask.

Lifetime Warranty
Robyn H. (Adelaide, AU)

The best snorkel and mask combination. No going back now! I could snorkel for over an hour easily. So glad I made this purchase

(DRAFT) Package: Dry Snorkel (Set + Fins + Bag)
Mermaid M. (Townsville, AU)

While travelling in Timor leste l met a fellow snorkeller. We snorkelled for 10 days together the food was shit but the water was stunning. The friend was using Ninja Shark fins and mask mine were steaming up, letting in water and heavy. On arriving back in Australia l ordered straight away.
I was a little bit anxious on receiving my order as the mask was quite different to my old one and the fins were short and adjustable ( l wanted them to be my size ! ) well to my luck the weather was beautiful ( yes mid winter in Mackay ) and perfect for boating so off we scooted to Cockermouth ( don't laugh it's a real place ) jumping in and WOW I'm now a mermaid 🧜‍♀️ the mask and fins felt like part of me. I actually cried as not only was the equipment allowing me to explore as l wanted but the reef was STUNNING. So lm indepted to Ninja Shark for making me the mermaid l always aspired to be 🧜‍♀️

Took it to Tahiti

I wasn’t quite sure about getting a full face mask but bought mine (Electra package) before a trip to Tahiti which we got home from yesterday - absolutely LOVED it!!! I’ll be getting one for my wife before our next trip to a similar destination. BTW I make LOTS of crazy videos with lots of toys.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Life changing

I do love my full face snorkel.. the freedom of nose breathing under the water.. the meditative and relaxative effect of this snorkeling is unexpected and great. Fits so well.. comfy to wear for long time.. highly recommend

(DRAFT) Diving Dry Snorkel Set with GoPro mount
jomm11 (Brisbane, AU)
Super quality & fit

So happy we got Ninja shark, perfect for Great barrier reef snorkel day.
Flippers, mask, dry wallet, carry bag (good quality bag), anti fog spray, happy days.

Ninja Shark Kids Mask

We recently brought the Ninja Shark Kids 3-11 Mask + Fins + Bag package for our 7 year old who absolutely loves it! Will be buying three more for the rest of the family. 😊

Even better than expected!

I saw the kids full face snorkel masks online, and thought they looked pretty cool. I ordered two for Christmas, for my 3 and 6 year olds. Wow, did they have a great time with them!

I wasn't sure how the 3 year old would go with it, but he was comfortable in it almost immediately, and spent hours swimming around and seeing a whole new world of underwater scenery.

They were easy to fit, zero issues with them staying on. No leaks or fog.

They can't wait to get back to the water!

Highly recommend this product :)

Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
Nick J. (Brisbane, AU)
mask swimming

The mask did exactly what was stated. I was very happy and will get another mask for my daughter.

Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
Sheara R. (Perth, AU)
Great way to swim

I have NEVER been able to snorkel but love swimming. These full face snorkels are an absolute game changer in my life. Now I try to swim around 5 kms a week in the local pool. The Ninja mask makes it easy to do laps. I’ve been using the Ninja Shark for a quite few years and find the new Electra the best full face mask ever. No leaks, no fog and really easy to use and great quality. I’ve noticed my regular chats with other swimmers at the pool have encouraged many of them to purchase one of their own. I’ve given my older models to my grandkids and they love them too.


I got one for the 3 year old and one for the 5 year old, I thought maybe the 3 year old would get the hang of it eventually but they both loved it and mastered it pretty quickly. We’ve only used in the swimming pool, excited to go snorkeling in the ocean soon. Great product.