5 Essential Tips for Travelling With Kids

by Mihai Pinzariu on May 22, 2020

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5 Essential Tips for Travelling With Kids

By Ninja Shark’s founder (and water enthusiast), Andrew Porter

Having children does not mean the end of travelling. It just means you’re going on a whole new type of vacation, and one that you should be well prepared for! If you’re too afraid to hop on a plane with kids or drag them along to your next snorkelling vacation, don’t be. A little preparation goes a long way when travelling with kids, and it can turn a nightmarish situation into one that’s completely fixable. 

Here at Ninja Shark, we’ve had our fair few encounters of travelling with kids. We know where the problems are, and how they can easily be solved. Here are our 5 best tips to make your next family vacation easy breezy, and peaceful for everyone. 

1. Research your destination

You may know about all the hot spots and great beaches to check out at your destination, but make sure you also do thorough research on all the ‘boring’ things as well. For example, does your baby need a visa? While some countries don’t require visas for travelling babies, others do. Will you need to pack ‘just-in-case’ malaria tablets? Will you or your child need a vaccination?

Make sure that you are fully aware of any threats and regulations before you hop on the plane. You don’t want to get caught out last minute without a Plan B. A good idea is to check out your country’s ‘Smart Traveller’ website or speak to an embassy or travel agent. They’ll be able to sort you out with any warnings and advice for your destination so that you can arrive well prepared!

2. Basic medicines are a gift

You’re a parent, so you know how easily children get sick. One of your biggest lifesavers on vacation could be a well-equipped medicine pack filled with basic items like cough syrup, allergy tablets, cold medication, and other bits and bobs that you may need should anyone fall ill. You also want to make sure to pack a basic first aid kit with band aids, dressing, and bandages.

Having basic medicines on hand will save you a trip to the pharmacy or the doctor. Trust us, it’s not fun trying to decipher labels in a foreign language! Your kids will also have what they need immediately, so you can carry on with your daily travel itinerary. What could have been a major disruption is now easily solved!

3. Pack new toys & books

The most terrifying aspect of travelling with kids is being on the airplane or waiting in a long queue. The screaming, the crying, the refusal to sleep or stay still… But that doesn’t mean there’s no way around it! Keep your kids distracted on the plane and while waiting in lines by packing new toys and books to keep them occupied.

The best thing to do here is not reveal all the new toys at once, but slowly bring out a new teddy bear or colouring book when the time is right. The shiny new toy will distract your little ones for awhile, and then when it gets old, you can bring out another one for another hour of peace.

4. Pay extra for quality gear

Another big issue when travelling with kids (or even just living with kids) is how quickly they can manage to break something. While things are easily replaced when you’re home and safe, it’s not so simple when you’re travelling. Make sure that you pay that little extra to invest in quality gear that will last you the trip and more. You don’t want to take time out of your holiday to go shopping for another snorkel mask or a new bag.

Be money-smart and use your cash wisely the first time around. If you’re heading off on a beach vacation, for example, avoid buying cheap plastic snorkel masks that will break after the first few uses. Go for snorkelling gear that’s high quality, durable, safe, and will last you a lifetime. Not only will good quality items last you trip after trip, but they’ll also be more comfortable to use. More comfortable = less complaints from the children. Are you catching our drift here? ;)

5. Find fun for everyone

We don’t blame kids for being annoying if they’re being dragged from one museum to another all day! Kids can’t stay still and quiet for long, so make sure you find fun for everyone on your vacation. Spend some time doing what you like, but also take the little ones out for a splash on the beach, a little playground stopover on your way to the next cathedral, or to a water park for a blast of a day.

They’ll get to unleash some of that restless energy so you can enjoy more of whatever it is that you want to see. It also means everyone will leave the vacation with great memories. And that’s only fair, in our opinion.

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