5 Must-have Snorkelling Accessories for a Thrilling Underwater Adventure

by Mihai Pinzariu on August 04, 2021

Snorkelling is one of the most exciting adventures you could ever experience. If you’re keen on exploring the underwater world with its vibrant marine life and extraordinary coral reefs, you need to be prepared with the best snorkelling gear and accessories.

To help you be all set to experience the wonders of the ocean, we’ve made a list of 5 must-have snorkelling accessories for a thrilling underwater adventure. This list contains essential snorkelling gear and accessories that are indispensable both for beginners and more advanced snorkelers alike.

Read on and follow our snorkelling gear & accessories recommendations for a safe, comfortable and unforgettable snorkelling experience!

If you could only pick 5 snorkelling accessories for your underwater adventure, we’d suggest you’d consider these:

1. Snorkelling mask

Snorkelling without a snorkelling mask is impossible, so this should definitely be the number one item on your must-have snorkelling accessories. Depending on your preferences, you could either choose a dry snorkel set consisting of a dive mask (goggles with nose cover) paired with a snorkel tube or you could go for a full face snorkelling mask.

The difference between these two types of snorkelling masks is that, in general, a full-face snorkelling mask is easier and more comfortable to use because it allows you to breathe naturally through your mouth and nose.

Full face-snorkelling masks are excellent if you want to teach your kid how to swim and to be confident in the water. You can check out our Ninja Shark full-face snorkelling masks for kids here to discover why they are so loved by thousands of brave little explorers.

In opposition, the dry snorkel set might prove a bit more difficult to use as you can only breathe through your mouth, which requires you to practise some breathing techniques before you start your underwater adventure. The mouthpiece is often found to be really uncomfortable for some snorkelers, causing jaw fatigue and making the snorkelling experience less enjoyable.

When it comes to choosing the best snorkelling mask, you’ll have to consider your snorkelling experience and personal preferences. We would recommend trying a full-face snorkelling mask for a comfortable and safe snorkelling experience.

Our most advanced model, the Equaliser Pro full-face snorkelling mask is equipped with a Tri-top dry system and has three chambers (one extra than all other masks on the market) and four intake unidirectional valves that let air circulate in and out freely, allowing more fresh air and no CO2 buildup.

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2. Snorkelling fins

Snorkelling fins are great accessories that help you move quicker and more naturally in the water. You can snorkel without snorkelling fins but you’ll be missing out. A trusty pair of snorkelling fins will help you snorkel smoother, reducing fatigue and cramps.

Snorkelling fins are pretty comfy and, in general, it takes very little to get used to them. Your movements in the water will be more fluid thanks to the snorkelling fins. They’re especially great if you want to swim longer distances. You’ll feel less tired as they’re designed to create less water resistance when you kick.

If you want to dive to have a closer look at some marvellous turtle or coral, you will benefit a lot from the speed and range of movement the snorkelling fins will provide. We recommend using a good pair of snorkelling fins to increase your movement efficiency in the water and enhance your snorkelling experience.

Snorkelling & Diving Fins/Adults

Snorkelling & Diving Fins/Kids

3. Waterproof dry bag

The waterproof dry bag made its way on our top 5 must-have snorkelling accessories because of its amazing usefulness and versatility. This lightweight and easy-to-carry backpack will help you safely transport and store your snorkelling gear and personal items everytime you go snorkelling.

Given its versatility, a waterproof dry bag is perfect not only for your snorkelling adventures but also for all of your hikes, day trips and other outdoor activities as it will keep all your personal items protected from water, sand, dirt and dust.

The Ninja Shark waterproof dry bag is made from a soft and flexible material that is strong and resistant to harsh environments. Whether you’re relaxing at the beach or exploring the vast wilderness, the dry bag will ensure all your items are safe from whatever nature has to throw at you.

Roomy but without being bulky, the Ninja Shark waterproof dry bag is the ideal accessory for all your adventures. Its handy size and light weight make it a kids’ favourite as well.

Waterproof Dry Bag & Backpack - 10L

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4. Underwater camera

The ocean is a magical place, a lush and vibrant underwater paradise inhabited by the most extraordinary marine creatures. As you snorkel you will feel the ultimate freedom and joy and get a glimpse of the magical life in the ocean.

An underwater camera is a must-have snorkelling accessory if you want to capture your snorkelling adventures and wonderful encounters with marine life. With an underwater camera, you can record and photograph the most amazing scenes you will witness on your snorkelling adventures.

The Ninja Shark underwater action camera can be used at up to 30m underwater (with its waterproof case) and allows you to record 4K Ultra HD videos and 12 MP photos of your most memorable snorkelling experiences so that you can relive them later. The 170° wide-angle lens will enhance images and videos with background details for the most spectacular results.

You can quickly share your snorkelling videos and photos for the world to see - all you need to do is download the camera app on your smartphone or tablet and use the WiFi image transfer function to download and share your photos on social media.

Given its compact size and powerful capabilities, the Ninja Shark underwater action camera is ideal for capturing great videos regardless of the sport you practice: snorkelling, surfing, skiing, diving, etc.


5. Lens support for full-face snorkelling masks

This last item on our list of 5 must-have snorkelling accessories for a thrilling underwater adventure is one of the latest innovations in snorkelling gear. The Ninja Shark lens support for full-face snorkelling masks is specially designed to offer people who wear glasses a safe and amazing snorkelling experience.

This optical lens support is like a pair of glasses that can be fitted into the Ninja Shark full-face snorkelling masks. Once attached and paired with the generic optical lenses that closely match your prescription you’ll be able to enjoy crystal-clear views underwater.

If wearing glasses has prevented you from enjoying snorkelling because you couldn’t see clearly, this unique accessory can change that. With the Ninja Shark lens support for full-face snorkelling masks you’ll be able to explore the underwater world without any impediment.



The Ninja Shark full face snorkel masks makes your experiences the best they can be. They are exclusively sold on the Ninja Shark website.

The Ninja Shark full face snorkel masks comes equipped with advanced Anti-Fog technology, automatic drainage, no CO2 Buildup with improved uni-directional valves, and a revolutionary breathe flow system so you can breathe through both your nose and mouth.

“If you thought we’re just here to sell you products, think again. You’re part of the Ninja Shark family, and your feedback matters! We’re constantly working to improve our products and deliver the full face snorkel mask that exists only in our dreams!”

What customers are saying about us…

“Awesome set.

Loved the complete set. I even used the waterproof phone pouch to take photos and videos underwater. It made my Fiji experience so much better than using the free snorkel set that hurt your face after 2hours and leaving a sun/mask mark. The ninja leaves no marks and gives great vision under water in comparison. It did take some getting used to but it definitely paid off! Only frustration is that the tightening straps are quite basic; they should be much simpler to loosen and tighten both in and out of water.” – Jock

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