Tristan and Toni Price

by Catalin Andries on November 13, 2020

Hei, #TeamNinjaShark!

Meet our new Ambassador of the Month November - Family Price.

Toni and her family live in Brisbane, Queensland, and not only is she a mother of three beautiful kids, she’s also a nurse, a website runner and a content filler.

Living life in the slow lane

Family of 5, sold everything to live their lives on the road, slowly travelling around a beautiful country and giving their children the best experiences.

A trip around Australia ( why not, the world ) is on the bucket lists of many, but for the Price family, travelling could become their career.

“We initially planned to just travel for a year and not long after we were selling everything we owned, brought a camp trailer and started to realise how much belongings we actually needed. 

People told us we were crazy for trying to camp in a camp trailer with three kids but we thought we would be fine (now that's another story). We sold all our mowing equipment, done the last lot of modifications to the car and caravan and had a farewell party with all our friends and family.“

Congratulations, Toni, so glad to collaborate with you! Don’t miss his story about Ninja Shark in Instagram - check @pricefamilyadventures.

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by Stephen Johns on November 16, 2020

I like that this is relatable for a larger family – I have 5 kids of my own and aspire to this kind of activity together.

by Clayton Gallego on November 16, 2020

It’s seems to be a very nice product, definitely I will try one!

by Phil GREEN on November 16, 2020

They look like the perfect snorkling apparatus. Wish I had a pair.


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