Introducing…our new Brand Ambassador of the Month October

Hei, #TeamNinjaShark!

Let’s hear it for the newest Ambassador of the Month in October! We’re proud to introduce Ben Blake as the Ambassador of the Month! 

He's from Queensland, Australia. Both he and his two children love the ocean and are passionate about snorkelling. He likes to travel and discover the joy of traveling the world.

The underwater world is fascinating!

Watch the video below to check what he had to say about his Ninja Shark Products and partnership with Ninja Shark. 

Congratulations, Ben, so glad to collaborate with you! Don’t miss his story about Ninja Shark in Instagram - check @ben26b


There's nothing like a weekend getaway with the kids

Snorkelling, the best way to get a quick dose of family fun!

There's a whole underwater world waiting to be explored



Snorkelling Enthusiasts. Happy Customers. Social Media Influencers. Outdoor Activities Lovers. Pro-Snorkel Revolution.

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  • You love Ninja Shark and you’re excited to spread the world about what we do.

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by Ninja Shark Australia on February 03, 2021

Hi, Tammin Rundle! Yes, that should work but as long it’s not a deep diving cage. Also, reminder that once the top tube is fully submerged, you will have to hold your breath. If the top of the tube is above the water, all good.

by Tammin Rundle on February 03, 2021

I would like to know if you are going go in a shark cage how would it work would it be good thing to use

by Anthony on November 13, 2020

Would love to try this snorkeling gear out!!!

by Cindy on November 13, 2020

Strange look, but keen to try a full face version!

by Margaret Chafer on November 13, 2020

This new designed mask looks like it would give our kids the confidence they need in the water.

by caitlin gibson on November 13, 2020

Can’t wait to get my
Hands on one of these . Snorkeling will never be the same again.

by Nell Hamilton-Schulz on November 08, 2020

have two of these. Best ever

by Gary Smith on November 08, 2020

Looks great can’t wait to try them.

by Gary Smith on November 08, 2020

They look great can’t wait to try them.

by Deborah on November 07, 2020

My son and I love your products so much as well!


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