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Legends Club

Discover our world of unique experiences and bespoke rewards.


The Ninja Shark Legends Club is our loyalty program that will raise your appetite for adventure.
As a member, you can earn rewards for simple actions and turn those rewards into EPIC discounts, prizes, and other perks.
It’s time to join this crazy fun adventure.


Everyone starts as a Ninja Clownfish and as you earn more you can move up in the ranks and get even better discounts and perks.

Ninja Shark Legends Club 3 Tiers

Ninja Clownfish  

Entry Criteria: 0 Ninja Points

This is the starting point of your exciting Ninja Shark Legends Club journey. You can immediately start earning and enjoying awesome rewards. Let's go!

Ninja Sea Lion  

Entry Criteria: 1,500 Ninja Points

Once you hit this level it's pretty clear that you know what you like! This is where you get to enjoy even MORE epic rewards and special perks! You deserve it.

Ninja Shark Legend

Entry Criteria: 2,000 Ninja Points

Shark Legend status activated! At this level, you can bask in the bliss of being spoiled with crazy rewards and exclusive perks.


Points will be automatically applied to your account as you complete the below actions:

Sign up

Spending money [1 point for every $1 spent]

Happy B-Day

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Refer a friend

There are plenty of ways you can earn more NINJA points and progress up the ranks.

Oh, and we'll also send you bonus points as a treat on your birthday!

Friends With Benefits

Take your rewards to the ultimate level by simply sharing NINJA SHARK vibes with your friends!

Basically, you’ll earn 200 NINJA points to spend for every friend that you refer to Ninja Shark! And it gets better…your friend gets 10% off from first order as a special welcome treat from us.

Ready to start earning?