Ninjaness explained

We might be a young affiliate program but we are not short of experience. Our affiliate team has over 10+ years of marketing experience with e-commerce sports brands. We know what it takes to launch and how to be successful in a highly competitive industry like ours.

We dedicate our time and experience to make your journey as successful as possible, and with that, you can trust us to convert your traffic into ca$h.


We're driven by the desire to innovate, always getting to be ahead of the curve. Our mission is to design and create the best water sports gear, set the standards for affiliate programs, and keep on providing personalized support and account management.



NinjaShark has been the talk of the town since its launch 3 years ago and is all where all our energy has flowed. Research, design, test - again and again just to bring innovative sports gear on the market.


Transparent Terms! No commission limitations, no hidden fees. We believe in win-win partnerships and work hard to make it a reality!


Responsive, proactive, data-driven, accurate, and kind. A friend to hold your hand on your way to success. What more could you expect or possibly want from your account manager?


Those who deliver high-value users in great volume simply deserve more commission than those who don’t. Therefore we have designed a commission structure that reflects our view on this matter. Established partners can request a Hybrid or CPA deal, please contact your affiliate manager!



Would you like to learn more about NINJA SHARK Affiliate Program, or have any queries? Feel free to review our FAQs section, drop us a line or simply reach out to us directly.


Phone: +61 2 8488 0577

We will be in touch with you shortly!


I want to get an account - how do I get started?

Simply click on the Start Earning or Seal The Deal button and fill in the registration form, we’ll validate your account and welcome you to NinjaShark Affiliate Program ASAP.

How much money will I make?

We have an epic commission structure where you can start with a 10% rev share and from there you can get it higher depending on your performance. We are committed to giving you the most creative tools to maximize the value of your traffic sources. The better performance, the better deals we can look at. Contact your affiliate manager to see if there is a possibility to change/higher your commission.

Does it cost to join the NinjaShark Affiliate Program?

Nope, it’s absolutely free and always will be. You will have everything you need from your account manager as soon as you got approved for the program.

How do I add links to my site?

You can find your tracking links in your affiliate account dashboard. If you need assistance, reach out to your account manager and it will help you in no time.

I’m an active affiliate - how do I know much money I’m making?

It’s very easy, just login into your NinjaShark affiliate account and all your stats will be shown in your dashboard. You will see it’s very transparent and easy to use. Pretty cool, right?

For how long will a user generate money for me?

You will earn a cut of the revenue for as long as your referred user is buying NinjaShark products. If a user shops with us for 10 years, you will generate money for 10 years. Amazing, huh?

How about the cookies duration?

Straight 30 days. Enough for each user that was not easy to convert from the first time, to join the NinjaShark nation :).

How do I get the payment?

We will transfer your commission by Paypal by the end of the next month for the commission earned the previous month.

Where can I find the Terms & Conditions?

You can find them here under the Program Terms & Conditions tab