What’s Your Snorkelling Story? We want to hear it!

by Alex Chiruta on September 26, 2019

Everyone has a story that’s worth sharing. In fact, we can’t imagine a world without stories. At Ninja Shark, we love to tell our stories, and we’ve been sharing them as far back as our stories go. 

Stories are one of the most powerful forms of communication between human beings. They bring people together and create lasting connections. No matter who you are, your age, or where in the world you are - everybody likes to hear a good story.  

Today, we want to hear about YOUR snorkelling story. The day you became a Mermaid or an Aquaman. The story of how you learned to snorkel, and how it has come to help you embrace life. 

Share your story with us through text, video, pictures, or tips. We’re not limiting your storytelling method. 

When was your first snorkelling experience? Where did you snorkel? What was it like? Amazing, terrible, neutral? Have you snorkelled much since then?  

To say thanks for sharing your story, we’ll GIFT you a Ninja Shark full face snorkel mask, our most popular product. Since you’re a snorkelling lover, a perfectly fitting mask is essential for a better experience, comfort, and safety. 


Here’s how the gifting works: 

Share a Text Story: Receive the Ninja Shark mask of your choice. 

Share a Video Story: Receive a complete Ninja Shark package of your choice (Full Face Snorkel Mask + Fins + Waterproof Dry Bag). 

To share your snorkelling story, email us at support@ninjashark.com.au. 

The story must contain at least 350 words, in order to find out in detail your experience.

We’ll share as many of your stories as we can, on both our blog and social media pages - so please only send us stories that you don’t mind us sharing with our community. 

Everyone has a story. We hope to be hearing yours!

Curious about our story? Read it here →  https://ninjashark.com.au/pages/about-us


“Stories can heal, stories can teach, stories can inspire, stories can enlighten and stories can resolve”.



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