Just launched: NEW Snorkel & Swimming Collection 2020

by Ryan Jay Cornelia on October 16, 2020


If you know us, you already know how passionate we are about snorkelling and the underwater world in general! It’s with that furious passion that we managed to make Ninja Shark the No. 1 full-face snorkel mask in Australia.

But few of you know about our passion for diving, which is what inspired us to develop the Ninja Shark Snorkel & Swimming Collection. These products are made for people who want to both snorkel and dive, so they can explore the deep waters of the ocean and know its depths.

This is our brand new premium Snorkel & Swimming Collection. Snorkel & swimming gear is a MUST HAVE for any serious adventure out there.

For a great dive and easy swimming deep underwater, a set of the stylish Ninja Shark Collection is a must-have.

Snorkel Set for Adults, latest innovation in traditional masks

The Ninja Shark Snorkel Set for Adults is made of tempered glass, which provides a clear visual field and can resist impact from pressure and other objects, uses an adjustable buckle which easily adjusts the headband to fit the head, anti-fog Coated Tempered Glass and Anti-Scratch Technology.

The soft, flexible bite valve mouthpiece on our snorkelling tube is made from high-quality silicone that contours to your mouth, minimises jaw fatigue when you bite down, and makes breathing easier.

Swim Goggles for Adults

Escape the routine! There's an underwater world full of wonders just waiting to be explored. Get ready for your next underwater adventure with Ninja Shark Swim Goggles.

Goggles are essential for any swimmer, wherever you choose to swim, in the indoor pool or out in the ocean. The Ninja Shark Swim Goggles not only help you with your vision in the water, but are crucial for protecting your eyes from irritation.

Swim Goggles for Kids

Children simply love water! Meet Ninja Shark Swim Goggles for Kids, guiding them on their fun and exciting underwater adventures!

Each lens is carefully coated with the optimal amount of advanced anti-fog coating, it can stop the lenses from becoming steamy and offer you a clear and long distant view to focus on swimming under water with 180-degree peripheral vision.

Ear Plugs for Adults

Swimming makes you happy, gives you energy, ensures a beautiful and healthy development, increases the quality of life and is very fun.

And to have an unforgettable experience whether you are at the pool or at the ocean, Ninja Shark ear plugs offer you both the necessary comfort and the right protection for swimming sessions.

Ear Plugs for Kids

The thrill of jumping into the pool on a warm summer’s day is a seasonal highlight for most kids. Splashing, wading, and paddling — if you hear that, it must mean a great day in the water! Playing at the beach, waterpark, or pool can be a real treat on a hot day.

Ninja Shark Ear Plugs are one of the very best ways to protect your kids from swimmer’s ear and prevent the sensation of having water trapped in their ears. The ear plugs are not only super-secure in keeping water out, but they’re also extremely comfortable to wear and come in a range of fun colours to get your little one excited about ear protection.

Swim Caps

Ready to take the plunge at the pool, but want to avoid swimmer’s ear? Make a swimming cap an essential part of your swim gear.

You won’t have to worry about your beloved hair getting wet or potentially damaged from chlorine, or suffer that uncomfortable feeling of water in your ears. It’s the best solution for comfortable swimming that keeps your hair dry at the same time.

Waterproof Pouch

Keep your phone and valuables safe and dry with a Ninja Shark waterproof pouch.

Triple-sealing protection, with three zipper locks and a Velcro fold on top, keeps your phone and valuables protected up to 32 feet (10 metres) underwater for one hour. It’s the perfect solution to keep your phone safe from water, dirt, dust, and mud, suitable for all water activities like swimming, boating, surfing, diving, kayaking.

Ninja Shark Anti-Fog Spray

Anyone who uses swimming goggles, masks, or sunglasses in their regular activities has experienced that fog that forms on the lenses and blocks your vision. It’s irritating for sure, but that fog can also be dangerous when you’re swimming.

If you’re tired of wiping your lenses clean and struggling to see through the fog, then you’re in luck! Our Ninja Shark Anti-Fog Spray is the miracle you’ve been looking for, ensuring your lenses remain crystal clear for a long time.

How many people dream of snorkelling but don't feel comfortable wearing a snorkel mask?

At Ninja Shark, we say “quality over quantity.” Our line is a super multitasker that can replace everything in your snorkelling experience—with just one mask.

The Ninja Shark full face snorkel masks makes your experiences the best they can be. They are exclusively sold on the Ninja Shark website.

The Ninja Shark full face snorkel masks comes equipped with advanced Anti-Fog technology, automatic drainage, no CO2 Buildup with improved uni-directional valves, and a revolutionary breathe flow system so you can breathe through both your nose and mouth.

Try our line of snorkelling and swimming gear

by Ninja Shark! You’ll love it.

All Ninja Shark Products are tailor-made

with medical silicone.

We care about making our products safe and healthy for you—and our planet.

That’s why the Ninja Shark Full Face Snorkelling Masks are made from a non-toxic and environmentally friendly anti-allergic medical grade silicone, that’s not only safer for your kids but safer for you too.

by Leanne Chalkley on November 26, 2021


by Heather Hagart on November 24, 2020

I LOVE the idea of the kids ear plugs!!! can’t wait to help my kids enjoy the water with masks and earplugs. Thanks so much for your amazing Aussie products.

by Kaz on November 24, 2020

I have neck problems so this looks worth trying!

by Leah Turner on November 24, 2020

Very keen to try these out. My kids love water but with ear issues and grommets and finding it hard to source decent ear plugs has been a challenge. Can’t wait for that to now become easy

by Rabeh on November 20, 2020

I have one and are recommended

by Rachel on November 20, 2020

What a great collection! Definitely a need for over the school holidays for making some great family memories

by Nat on November 18, 2020

This gear is very cool – and love that you have a range for kids

by Michael Lawler on November 18, 2020

These products look fantastic!! Can’t wait to try them out this summer

by Beth on November 16, 2020

WOW I’m so excited that I came across this company. These air goggles look amazing. Would love them eventually for my son & I.

by Tony on November 13, 2020

Would love to get some snorkeling gear!! Googles look awesome too!!

by Sarah Phillips on November 10, 2020

Those masks look fantastic and I could definitely use that anti fog spray. My goggles are always fogging up!

by Karen @ Aussie Rambling on November 09, 2020

Hubby and I are hopefully setting off travelling again in the new year and would love to do some snorkling when we get a chance. I love the look of the full face masks and flippers am wondering about the sizing of them and how I would decided which ones to order. I haven’t had a good look at your page as yet, but with a brief look I couldn’t see anything. They do look really cool! ;-)

by Michelle Fay on November 09, 2020

These masks and snorkels are used by my cousin who teaches snorkelling and deep sea diving, he highly recommends them and id love to own one

by Karen Carney on November 08, 2020

These products look amazing. Am sure summer will be filled with exploring many different rock areas with the easy viewing mask. We definitely won’t miss seeing any fish or sea creatures wearing this at all.

by Stefanie Hinrichs on November 06, 2020

I love the look of your products, the full face mask is an awesome invention, it makes it so much more comfortable to go snorkelling with omg can’t wait to get my own I’ve only borrowed a friends one once and I’m hooked


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