Give the Gift of Adventure - Exciting Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

by Catalin Andries on October 19, 2021

Looking for a unique Christmas gift?

We have some exciting Christmas gift ideas for you that will bring cheer to your family and friends.

Our Ninja Shark snorkelling, swimming and outdoor products for adults and kids are the perfect Christmas gifts for a memorable summer of fun and exciting outdoor adventures for the whole family.

Give the gift of adventure and surprise all the special people on your list this year!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

Full-face Snorkelling Masks For Kids

Snorkelling is one of the best summer activities for kids and adults alike. It doesn’t require a lot of effort or preparation and it’s super fun and exciting.

With the Ninja Shark Full-Face Snorkel Mask for kids, your little ones will turn into brave ocean explorers and will get to discover another world, hidden beneath the surface of the ocean. They’ll enjoy breathing through both their nose and mouth, for a more natural and comfortable snorkelling experience.

The Ninja Shark full-face snorkel masks are designed to allow kids to move freely in the water, with confidence, so that they can marvel at all the amazing marine life they will get to encounter.

Kids Water Bottle

The Ninja Shark stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle is a versatile water bottle suitable both for on the go and at home use. Built from high-quality materials, it’s non-toxic and eco-friendly. Thanks to its thermal function, it’s able to keep beverages hot or cold for many hours to come.

Whether they are running in the park or at a playground, kids will always need a leak-proof, unbreakable and safe water bottle to keep hydrated and healthy.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Adults

Full-face Snorkelling Masks for Adults

Inspire your family and friends to explore the beauty of the underwater world and to go on new adventures that will lift their spirits.

Our innovative full-face snorkel masks for adults are a thoughtful gift that will bring them joy and excitement for years to come.

We are eager to present you two of our most popular full-face snorkel mask:

Electra Full-Face Snorkel Mask

With its innovative automatic air circulation system, the Ninja Shark Electra full-face snorkel mask opens up a new way of snorkelling.

Electra’s automatic air-circulation system speeds up the oxygen delivery inside the mask 5 times faster and helps replace the CO2 buildup at the same rate. More fresh air circulates through the mask, helping you breathe naturally and snorkel safely for hours.

  • 180° Lens for HD Vision
  • Next-gen Technology - Automatic Air Circulation System
  • Breathe Fresh Air - no CO2 buildup
  • 2400 mAh Rechargeable Battery and 8000 RPM/min fan for 3 and 1/2 hours of uninterrupted snorkelling
  • Smart Anti-fog Technology
  • Anti-leak Seal + Automatic Drainage


Ninja Shark Equaliser - Pinch your nose to equalise

The Ninja Shark Equaliser is the only full face snorkel mask that is designed to help you breathe naturally and equalize the pressure as you dive. With 20% extra visibility compared to other masks, you’ll enjoy fantastic snorkelling sessions. Get up close and personal with the wonderful underwater world with the Ninja Shark Equaliser!

  • Improved Airflow for Natural Breathing
  • No CO2 buildup
  • 20% Extra Visibility vs. Any Other Mask
  • No Fogging - Additional Breathing Chamber
  • Pinch Your Nose to Equalise the Pressure as you Dive
  • Anti-leak Seal + Automatic Drainage

Waterproof Dry Bag

The Ninja Shark waterproof dry bag is a lightweight, versatile and easy-to-carry backpack, perfect not only for snorkelling adventures but also for hikes, day trips and other outdoor activities.

Made from a soft and flexible material that is strong and resistant to harsh environments, this waterproof dry bag will keep the wearer’s personal items protected from water, sand, dirt and dust.

Roomy but without being bulky, the Ninja Shark waterproof dry bag is a great Christmas gift for both adults and kids.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Outdoor Enthusiasts

After a difficult lockdown period, it’s time for new outdoor adventures, big and small.

We at Ninja Shark believe that nature really is the ultimate stress buster and the products in our outdoor collection are designed for fun and relaxing outdoor escapades.

Sleeping bag

The Ninja Shark Penguin Comfort sleeping bag is warm and super cozy. It has a water-repellent exterior and is filled with hollow fiber lining for optimal comfort and warmth.

What makes it unique? The sleeping bag has a hands-free design which allows the wearer to free their hands to use their phone, read a book or grab a snack.  

This sleeping bag is a perfect gift for anyone interested in hiking, backpacking or camping. It’s comfortable and versatile, it can even be spread out and used as a quilt at home, in the yard or on the terrace on cooler days.

Cooler Bag With BBQ Tools

Picnics, camping and days at the beach are better with a cooler bag that will keep those precious snacks and drinks perfectly chilled.

The Ninja Shark cooler bag is the ideal gift for everyone who loves spending time outdoors, socialising with their friends and family over drinks and snacks.

The Ninja Shark cooler bag comes with some useful barbecue accessories, which are organised and stored inside the front compartment of the bag.

Christmas Gifts That Give Back & Support Good Causes

Besides inspiring your loved ones to experience the joy and thrill of snorkelling with the most advanced gear on the market, your Ninja Shark holiday purchase will contribute to protecting our beautiful Great Barrier Reef ecosystem.

10% of Ninja Shark’s Black Friday net profits will be donated to the Reef Restoration Foundation,
a not-for-profit social enterprise that is establishing a series of ocean-based coral nurseries with the purpose of growing and planting new corals to regenerate damaged coral reefs. This will accelerate recovery from the recent coral bleaching events and will help build the resilience of the Great Barrier Reef.

by Keven Lo on November 26, 2021

It was the night before Christmas….

Look forward to purchasing some new toys for my children!

by Cat on November 26, 2021

Already on the Christmas list for my kids :)

by Tash on February 16, 2022

Enter to win one here

by Theresa on November 26, 2021

Great blog, with lots of fun ideas and advice. Thanks

by Theresa on November 26, 2021

Can’t wait to see my grandchildren faces when they try their masks for the 1st time.
Buying 5, 1 for each child and I think I’ll get one for myself as well, seeing that I’ll be near Great Barrier Reef in December.

by Eva Kiraly on November 26, 2021

I can’t wait to go snorkelling off Heron Island <3

by Linda Moulder on November 26, 2021

need this for next holiday

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Such an awesome blog 🙌 my daughter would love to go exploring in one 😍😍

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Keen to try the Electra

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Great present ideas

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Brilliant way to enjoy water activities with safety

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Yes very nice

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Such a good idea

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Really hoping to secure one on sale for my daughter 🤞🏻

by Marie Harding on November 26, 2021

I reckon these would be fantastic for Christmas!

by Katherine on November 26, 2021

Great gift ideas, thanks!

by Angela on November 26, 2021

Our family cannot wait to try these!

by Alana on November 26, 2021

We got our kids the masks last year for Christmas, they love them. I think I need one for myself

by Kylie Richards on November 26, 2021

Looks good

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Love underwater action cameras !

by Sam Sam Riley on November 26, 2021

What a great product.

by Liz on November 26, 2021

Can’t wait to delivery before Christmas

by Cindy Butler on November 26, 2021

Grand kids will love the face snorkel

by Cindy Butler on November 26, 2021

Grand kids will love the face snorkel

by Cindy Butler on November 26, 2021

Oh this could be so much fun 🙂

by Max on November 26, 2021

Not bad

by Cheryl Whiteley on November 26, 2021

Please Santa, I’ve been good.

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Some awesome gift ideas

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Good suggestions!

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Nice suggestions

by Justin on November 26, 2021

I think my son would love one of these snorkels

by sheree chetland on November 26, 2021

Can’t wait for the kids to be able to test theirs out when Santa comes 😁

by Cheryl Whiteley on November 26, 2021

ALL I want for Christmas is here!

by Gavin Warnest on November 26, 2021

Father Christmas might just have NS snorkelling masks on the list for a swimming mad 7 year old and 3 year old twins!

by Jodi Lyons on November 26, 2021

Amazing gift idea. Its the gift that keeps on giving.
Well done on a fantastic product!!!!

by Annette Morton on February 16, 2022

Such a great range to choose from for Christmas gifts!!!
Practical, good-quality, and unique products that won’t just sit in a cupboard.
Love that any purchase goes toward saving our beautiful Great Barrier Reef!

by Tammie Kennedy on February 16, 2022

Some great gift ideas here. Thanks.

by Jonker Mark on November 26, 2021

Great gift for my son who is learning to swim

by Eva Halech on November 26, 2021

The best quality products by far

by Hayden on November 26, 2021

Would be great if santa sent me some ninja shark gear…..

by Sue Parker on February 16, 2022

Hubby swears by it

by Sue Parker on November 26, 2021

Hubby swears by it

by Rob Parker on November 26, 2021

Superb Product. Grand Kids love it.

by Mathew Makimou on November 26, 2021

Pretty cool thinking about getting a few purchases

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Pretty cool thinking about getting a few purchases.👌🙂

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Awesome products..great Christmas gift ideas!

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Such a cool idea

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Can’t wait for Christmas!!!

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A great Aussie Christmas gift.

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my 2 grandsons want the sets for Christmas…. Santa here we come

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Love this

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Awesome Xmas 🎁

by Cecilia Warrick on November 26, 2021

Amazing products!

by Jacob Hadcroft on November 26, 2021

Being a past snorkel instructor I’m very interested in getting and trying one of these. This blog was informative and I’ll pass on to my wife for Christmas gift ideas lol

by Treloar David on November 02, 2021

Santa is looking for atlantis to deliver these.

by Emily J Fletcher on November 02, 2021

I love this blog thank you for sharing.

by Richard Tilghman on November 02, 2021



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