Michael Dustan

by Catalin Andries on February 28, 2022

Michael Dunstan is one of our passionate ambassadors and loves to share his adventures and ocean photography with the Ninja Shark community. He lives together with his family in Surf Coast, Victoria, which is also his favourite place to explore.

“Hello, it’s Michael here from Happy Hippos Creative. I, along with my partner and 2 kids, live on the Surf Coast in Victoria. We are surrounded (with a short drive in almost any direction) by ocean beaches and rockpools, bayside reefs, waterfalls, and waterways.
I love snorkelling because it allows me to explore my favourite place in the world, under the surface of the water.
Whether it is exploring under piers, inside rock pools, above wrecks, around reefs and waterholes/falls.

Snorkelling allows me to see abundant marine life and landscapes to be the subjects in my wall art prints...
Using the Electra from Ninja Shark has made this exploring a lot more enjoyable.
I along with my family run Happy Hippos Creative, a creative business, mostly focussing on photography but inclusive of a lot of the Creative Arts.

My role in our business aligns with my passion, which is predominately ocean photography, from empty waves and surf action to everything under the surface. We love sharing the beauty we see when we go exploring both above and below the water.
We have all been taking photos for many years, but I made the switch and have been focussing on the aquatic for several years now thanks to my partner Jess (AKA Mumma Hippo).
Having a hobby which is also one of my jobs is the best feeling ever. I really love that my family is part of the journey we have started at Happy Hippos Creative.”


You can follow Michael’s adventures on social media @happyhipposcreative
Michael's Facebook profile and
Michael's Instagram profile

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