Right Lens for Full Face Snorkel Masks

    Right Lens for Full Face Snorkel Masks

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      You Can Now Use a Full Face Mask if You Wear Glasses

      Do you wear glasses and have always wanted to enjoy the same crystal-clear views underwater? Well, this is your chance! Now can now explore the underwater world with our latest innovation - optical lens support!

      When you snorkel you must be able to see clearly to enjoy the experience and stay safe. Even if you can't wear glasses with a full face snorkel mask, now you can use a unique method to enjoy a complete underwater experience: new optical lens support for full face snorkel masks.

      Ninja Shark Lens Support

      The new optical lens support is like a pair of glasses that can be suctioned onto your Ninja Shark full-face masks. Once attached, you can see through the lenses to the views on the other side.

      Ninja Shark lens support can be fitted with generic optical lenses that closely match your prescription.

      To be able to use the full face snorkel mask, simply insert the frame into the silicone skirt of the mask, and delight in your snorkelling adventure.

      If you already own a Ninja Shark full face mask, you'll be happy to know that you won't need any extra gear to make it compatible with your glasses.

      Ninja Shark Lenses

      You can now enjoy crystal clear views underwater with our latest innovation - optical lens support!

      Ninja Shark can provide your optical lens support with customised lenses to suit your needs.

      Our optical lenses for near-sightedness range from - 6 to 0. All you have to do is choose the option that suits you!

      Notes about the new lens support

      While the lens support does provide an added layer of 'protection' between your eyes and the snorkel mask, this doesn't skew views at all. You should also note that they won't provide any form of eye protection, either - these aren't work goggles!

      While you may enjoy having a handy new pair of prescription lenses, you shouldn't use these to drive, read, or do anything other than snorkel with your full face mask. We also advise that you don't use these lenses for longer than two hours or on a daily basis to prevent eye fatigue - this is a fun, recreational thing!

      Maintenance Instructions

      When the lenses are not being used with your Ninja Shark mask, store the frame and lenses in their provided case.

      Always clean with fresh water, never with a detergent that could damage the lenses.

      To clean the lenses, you can use Ninja Shark anti-fog spray, as it is specially designed to clear up and release the fog.

      Get Crystalline, Fog-free Vision
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      IMPORTANT: avoid contact with sand to eliminate scratches. If in contact with salt water, do a proper cleaning with fresh water.

      Full Face Mask sold separately.
      Compatible with all Ninja Shark Adults & Kids Full Face Snorkel Masks.

      Add Protection, Enjoy Peace of Mind.

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