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Package: Electra Snorkel Mask + Fins + Bag
Package: Electra Snorkel Mask + Fins + Bag
Package: Electra Snorkel Mask + Fins + Bag
Package: Electra Snorkel Mask + Fins + Bag
Package: Electra Snorkel Mask + Fins + Bag
Package: Electra Snorkel Mask + Fins + Bag
Package: Electra Snorkel Mask + Fins + Bag
Package: Electra Snorkel Mask + Fins + Bag
Package: Electra Snorkel Mask + Fins + Bag
Package: Electra Snorkel Mask + Fins + Bag
Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
Package: Electra Snorkel Mask + Fins + Bag
Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
Electra - Full Face Snorkel Mask
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    Package: Electra Snorkel Mask + Fins + Bag

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      Get only the ELECTRA Full Face Snorkel Mask
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      Inside the ELECTRA Special Package:

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      ELECTRA Mask

      A compact mask built to enhance every aspect of your adventure, from breathing better to seeing better and most of all, to keep you safe while you are doing it.

      Smart breathing system, anti-fog and anti-leak features is the way to go for an unforgettable snorkelling experience!

      Snorkelling & Diving Fins
      Waterproof Bag

      Smart Technology Opens a New Way of Snorkelling

      Electra Full-Face Snorkel Mask!


      A unique combination of safety and performance, the Ninja Shark Electra full-face snorkel mask allows you to snorkel like never before!

      Different from all the regular full face snorkel masks, the Electra mask has a smart air circulation system built in that's designed to speed up the oxygen entry 5 times faster and replace the CO2 buildup at the same rate.

      No other full-face snorkel mask has these capabilities.

      With Electra, you’ll breathe naturally and effortlessly , snorkelling safely and comfortably for hours.


      The automatic air-circulation system consists of a battery-operated vent fan that activates by long-pressing the power button located on the snorkelling tube’s head.

      With a 2400 mAh rechargeable battery and a fan that rotates at 8000 RPM, you’ll be able to enjoy about 3 and 1/2 hours of non-stop snorkelling.

      The mask is equipped with a sensor switch that controls the automatic airflow renewal system.

      When you're above water, the sensor switches on and the fan starts rotating, filling the mask with fresh air and clearing out the CO2.

      When the tube’s head is submerged in water, the sensor switch is off and the fan stops rotating.

      If the battery is less than 15% charged, the power indicator will flash red and you’ll hear an alarm sound.

      Don’t panic, you just need to press the power button lightly to turn off the sound.

      If the system is off or the battery is empty, you can use Electra like any other full face snorkel mask.

      Please be aware that before charging the mask, the charging contacts need to be wiped clean. Charging is prohibited as long as there is still water on the contacts.


      You don’t need to take off your mask to empty the water, in the event that it will find a way inside your mask.

      The automatic drainage system is placed at the bottom of the mask, in your chin area, therefore, when you surface simply tilt your head back a little and let the accumulated water drain out automatically within a few moments.

      To prevent any water from entering inside, we’ve used the same tried and tested adjustable straps system found in all our other full-face snorkel masks creating a watertight seal.


      The Electra full-face snorkel mask uses separate systems for the inhaled and exhaled air, the smart ventilator acting as a CO2 discharger as soon as the sensor is on.

      Powered by the newest technology placed inside the mask, the separated breathing chambers create an airflow away from your main viewing visor which helps to avoid fogging and ensures that the inside remains dry, offering you a constant HD vision that will keep you snorkelling longer.

      *Use your mouse to view 360

      Use swipe to view 360

      EXPANDED BY 30%

      Immerse yourself into the beauty of the ocean with the Ninja Shark Electra full-face snorkel mask!

      Admire the spectacular landscapes and marvelous wildlife with superior underwater visibility offered by the increased visibility that comes with the new Electra mask.

      With a 180-degree lens, your viewing area is expanded by 30% compared to other snorkelling masks.

      Paired with the anti-fog design that prevents the lens from getting foggy, you’re in for a treat.


      When it comes to safety and comfort, Electra is in a league of its own.

      If you’re keen on exploring the vibrant underwater paradise you’ll need a safe and comfortable snorkel mask that you can always rely on.

      Made with a high-quality and transparent tempered glass lens and allergy-proof silicone lining, the mask will fit your face and create an anti-leak watertight seal that stops water from getting inside the mask.


      The mask comes with a foldable tube design that makes it easy and safe to store and transport either in a backpack or among your other belongings.

      Simply push a button and the snorkel tube will fold down over the mask. This way you’ll save space in your backpack or suitcase and you don’t have to worry about any damage to your snorkel tube during transport.

      Camera Mount

      Quickly mount your action camera and you’re ready to go!

      All the Ninja Shark full-face snorkel masks come with an action camera mount and Electra is no exception. The camera mount it’s detachable and easy to fasten on the snorkelling tube. Has a lightweight design and convenient positioning, enabling your action camera to capture every second of the wonderful marine life surrounding you.

      *The action camera on the product pictures is for illustration purpose only. This is not included in the mask’s price but can be acquired separately.

      CO2 TESTS Certifications

      SGS Certified Smart Tech that prevents suffocation while snorkelling.

      All 4 tests that Electra was subject to have been successfully passed and it has now become the first snorkel mask in the world that tested with a CO2 concentration level under 0.7%


      You Can Now Use a Full Face Mask if You Wear Glasses

      Do you wear glasses and have always wanted to enjoy the same crystal-clear views underwater? Well, this is your chance! Now can now explore the underwater world with our latest innovation - optical lens support!


      IMPORTANT! Measure in straight line and NOT over the nose!

      Step 1: Measure your face from the bridge of your nose to your chin.

      Step 2:  If the measurement is greater than 12cm (4.8in), we recommend L/XL.

      Step 3: If the measurement is less than 12cm (4.8in), we recommend S/M.

            Package includes:

      • 1 snorkel mask
      • 1 pair of detachable earplugs
      • 1 USB cable
      • 2 silicone valves
      • 1 camera mount
      • 1 mesh bag
      • 1 set of snorkelling and diving fins
      • 1 waterproof bag


      Mask Specifications:

      Folded Size: 29 x 19 x 11.4 cm

      Unfolded Size: 41 x 19 x 16.5 cm

      Weight: 0.59 kg/1.3lb

      Rechargeable Lithium Battery: 2400 mAh

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      A different full-face snorkel mask

      I bought it at a low price on Father’s Day, which I love. I still haven’t gotten to use it, because we’re in lockdown. All I can say is that it is of a good quality and different from other snorkel masks due to the smart air circulation system. I can’t wait to go on vacation with my family and test it.

      Brendon R.
      Soooo much better than my snorkel and Mask! Finally

      Ordered this last week, and hit Shelly’s beach this morning to give it a go. Countless times with my standard expensive mask and snorkel constantly suffering from FOGGY Lens, drove me absolutely mad and always ruined the experience regardless of what product I tried.
      SO, pressed the green button, activated this electro mask, jumped in and it was soo good. No water got in, no fogging over 45min, it almost bought a tear to my eye I can actually enjoy one of the most beautiful marine reserves around. Love it, well done. It’s worth it. Else I wouldn’t be bothered giving it a great review.

      Perfect snorkel! Extremely comfortable and top quality

      Built in rechargeable fan is very nice as you can feel the fresh air coming in and the exchange for CO2 seemed a lot better than other brands I’ve tried. Even with the fan off it works fine. Very clear, easy to put on and adjust and breath out.
      This is a smart mask and helpful for those (like myself) those who are a bit claustrophobic with a mask on. The air helps a ton!