Fins + Bag for Air Kids Addon (No mask)
Fins + Bag for Air Kids Addon (No mask)
Fins + Bag for Air Kids Addon (No mask)
Fins + Bag for Air Kids Addon (No mask)

    Fins + Bag for Air Kids Addon (No mask)


      Inside the Equaliser Special Package:

      Best Fins/Flippers

      Waterproof Bag

      All You Need in One Pack

      We're such strong believers in our advanced and improved Equaliser Package, that all our items come with a Lifetime Warranty. No BS or long, microscopic terms and conditions.

      This special package has been specifically designed for all-in-one explorers that want to have all the necessary gear in one go. We are hand packing and selecting only the premium items for you that will ensure the amazing experience that all should have.

      Breathe naturally through the mouth and nose at the same time, kick that water with our light and high-performance fins while all your belongings are safely stored in the waterproof bag and phone case.

      *Action Camera not included in the package.

      High-Quality Material

      The fins are made from a durable material that is just as lightweight as it is resilient to the harsh elements of nature and heavy use.

      These fins are long-lasting and will stay with you year after year.

      Comfortable Fit

      With a soft, elastomeric foot pocket with adjustable strap, the fins are ergonomically designed for cramp-free, smooth kicking.

      Enjoy good kicking motion and less fatigue with the comfortable design.

      Easy Use

      Soft, elastic heel straps have large thumb loops and quick-release buckles for easy one-time adjustment and allow you to easily and quickly put the fins on and off.

      The lightweight material also makes them easy to pack, carry, and wear.

      High Performance

      The cleverly designed optimised dual-channel and anatomical blade works well with any kicking style, allowing for powerful propulsion.

      This greatly increases your efficiency and creates less water resistance, enhancing performance and reducing fatigue.

      Speed Focused

      Enjoy quick and easy swimming, with a speed-focused structure featuring no vents, a short blade, and an anti-slip foot pocket to keep you focused on your motion and the incredible underwater scenery.

      Adjustable Size

      With a rotatable strap buckle and detachable strap, these fins are fit for all different foot sizes, both with and without booties.


      Waterproof Bag

      Just as fit for river running as they are for quad biking and diving, these backpacks will withstand the harshest environments, from the freezing landscapes of Iceland to the dusty sands of the Nevada desert. Don’t be fooled by the soft and flexible material, these bags are strong and resilient, with reinforced construction on all stress points to make them even tougher.

      Whether you’re out fishing or exploring the vast wilderness, these bags will ensure all your items are safe from whatever nature has to throw at you. Big enough to fit everything you need without being bulky and difficult to carry, you can rest assured these bags will be your favourite new companion on your adventures.


      We’ve worked hard to create a backpack that’s suitable for all sorts of adventures, whether that’s canoeing, motorbiking, rock climbing, or diving. From little adventurers to lifelong explorers, these backpacks are guaranteed to be a fantastic addition to your day out in the wild.

      • Lightweight & Durable – The lightweight backpacks are just as durable as they are easy-to-carry. Take them diving, motorbiking, river running, and hiking, and they’ll keep your valuables safe from dirt, dust, sand, and water – even when submerged.

      • Waterproof – Take your phone, camera, wallets, and other valuable items with you out in nature, with guaranteed waterproofing and protection from dirt, dust, and sand.

      • Adjustable Shoulder Strap – Comfortable shoulder straps are easily adjusted and suitable for different builds. The extra-long and removable straps make transport and carriage easy and comfy.

      • Handy Size – Sitting perfectly between being not too large and not too small, the backpack will fit all your essential belongings while remaining easy to carry. A roll-top sealing mechanism with a hardened buckle gives you the added bonus of adjustable function.

      • High-Quality Material – Made from a durable and resilient 500D PVC materials, the backpack will keep your phones, cameras, and other valuables protected from abrasion. Reinforced construction at all the stress points makes these bags tough and able to hold weight well.

      • Lifetime Warranty – Here at Ninja Shark, we stand behind the quality of our products, and our waterproof dry bags & backpacks all come with a lifetime warranty so you can buy with confidence. Should anything happen to your dry bag during your crazy adventures out in the wild, we’ll change it immediately with no cost or effort on your side.

      30 90 Days Risk-Free Trial

      We believe so much in our innovative Ninja Shark full face snorkel masks, that we are offering a 30 90 Days Risk-Free Trial. You can order today and if you don’t like the colour or how it looks on your pretty face, just email us and we will organise the return and you will get a full refund – no questions asked. There’s nothing stopping now from having the next mind-blowing snorkelling experience you have never expected.

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