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    Club Discount:

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      Add Protection, Enjoy Peace of Mind.
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      Makes More Room for Natural Breathing

      The Ninja Shark full face snorkel mask is equipped with Tri-top dry system and has three (one extra than anyone on the market) chambers and four intake unidirectional valves that let air circulate in and out freely. This creates an airflow with less resistance, allowing more fresh air to circulate throughout the mask and no CO2 buildup.


      What does that mean? Less fogging of the mask, better visibility, and you guessed it, much more confident breathing. The benefits of our innovative airflow system ultimately mean you get to enjoy a snorkelling experience that’s a lot more comfortable, safer, and natural.

      20% Extra Visibility vs Any other mask

      Thought you already had pretty good visibility with your standard full face mask? Think again, buddy, because we’ve designed one heck of a visual experience with the NEW Pinch Your Nose & Equalize mask.

      With a 180° Ninja Shark lens, your viewing area is expanded by 20% more than a regular full face mask.

      That means wider views, better peripheral vision, and more sealife to take in.

      By attaching the GoPro mount on the mask, full-face users now have the ability to truly snorkel without having to worry about a thing:

      They can breathe easier and take awesome GoPro quality photos at the same time.

      Pinch your nose to equalise

      To allow for flexibility of the nose section we had to redesign the whole concept of a full face snorkel mask.

      You can see that, as the Pinch Your Nose & Equalise mask looks different from all the other snorkel masks available on the market.

      We also took great care to source and use the same premium materials you’re used to with our regular full face snorkel masks, allowing for full comfort and top-notch quality.

      And now, able to properly pinch your nose for equalization, you’re free to roam the beautiful underwater world with no worries.

      Improved anti-leak seal

      People love our anti-leak seal, and now we’ve improved on it to be even better.

      The NEW Pinch Your Nose & Equalise full face snorkel mask includes a durable silicone insert that creates a watertight seal to keep water out of your mask and in the ocean where it belongs.

      The seal is comfy enough to keep you snorkelling all day without feeling a drop of water on your face, and in case water does somehow find its way in, it’ll just drain back out through the chin valve when you tilt your head back.

      No more fog with additional breathing chamber

      To help ease fogging – one of the biggest snorkelling pet peeves.

      We’ve also innovated our Ninja Shark Pinch Your Nose & Equalise design to include an additional breathing chamber that has twice the ventilation of any other regular masks.

      Twice the ventilation means more fresh airflow, which means less fogging.

      It’s kind of like that fan in your car that helps defog the windows.

      Automatic drainage

      It shouldn’t happen, but things in life don’t always go according to plan. Although our NEW Pinch Your Nose & Equalise full face masks include a watertight silicone seal, there’s still the chance that water could enter your snorkel mask.

      To combat this issue and prevent you from having a wet face or freaking out, we’ve included fully adjustable straps for a better matching on your face and a one-way drain system at the bottom of the snorkel mask.

      This way, when water comes into your mask it automatically drains back out when you surface or tilt your head back. No more having to take off your mask and empty it of water, or do that gross purging choke.

      0.000% CO2

      A full face snorkel mask can be dangerous if:

      • It is fake
      • Does not have a patented design
      • Doesn't fit properly
      • Isn't used correctly

      All of this can lead to water leaks and most importantly co2 build up

      See how the Ninja Shark full face snorkel mask differs from the cheap knock off on the market


      The Foldable for Adults & Kids 12+ version of the Full Face Snorkel mask is available in 2 sizes (S/M and L/XL) and 3 main colours

      IMPORTANT! Measure in straight line and NOT over the nose!
      • Step 1: With your mouth closed, measure from the bridge of your nose to the bottom of your chin.
        Important: measure in a straight line and not over the nose

      • Step 2: If the measurement is less than 11cm (4.3 inches), Equaliser is too big for you, choose S/M size from foldable.

      • Step 3: If it is greater than 13cm (5.1 inches), Equaliser is too small for you, choose L/XL size from foldable.
      • Note: We do have also the 2 x masks for kids (XS) (3-11 years old). The measurement is less than 3.9 inches (10 cm).

      30 90 Days Risk-Free Trial

      We believe so much in our innovative Ninja Shark full face snorkel masks, that we are offering a 30 90 Days Risk-Free Trial. You can order today and if you don’t like the colour or how it looks on your pretty face, just email us and we will organise the return and you will get a full refund – no questions asked. There’s nothing stopping now from having the next mind-blowing snorkelling experience you have never expected.


      Like our happy customers


      Can you dive with the Ninja Shark Equaliser?

      It depends.

      If you are considering diving more than 3-6 meters we don't recommend to use a full face snorkel mask.

      That's because, using a full face mask, there will be an additional pressure on your face which for some might seem uncomfortable.

      We, here at Ninja Shark, dive up to 6-7 meters with the Equaliser, but that's after many months of practice by increasing the depth slowly.

      Most of the Ninja Shark customers go down to 1-2 meters, but the role of the mask is to snorkel and not scuba dive.

      Can you breathe underwater with the Equaliser?

      Yes, of course, but as long as the top of the tube is above the water.

      This is a snorkel mask and not a scuba diving mask.

      Since there is no oxygen source attached to the mask, you will have to hold your breath once you fully submerge.

      There is no full face snorkel mask that gives you the superpower to breathe underwater once the top of the tube is under the water.

      We are taking care of you with the dry-leak feature. Once fully submerged, the tube will seal and no water will come inside until going above the water again.

      I have the Equaliser mask, how can I test it?

      We strongly recommend testing any Ninja Shark full-face snorkel mask immediately you receive your delivery.

      Although the Equaliser comes in a universal size that fits most 12+ year olds, it is unfortunately not recommended for faces that are either very narrow or very wide. I know, it sounds vague, but now’s the best time to put the mask on and see how it fits on your face.

      Don’t wait until you’re on your dream holiday to try on your mask. If it doesn’t fit properly then it may cause leaking, which won’t be a fun time for you (trust me). We have a basic sizing chart guide and note on our product page - click here.

      I strongly recommend you test your new mask before being by the water or on your next vacation. Here’s how to test it:

      1. Place the mask on your face,
      2. Tighten the bottom straps only (leave the top at the end of their line),
      3. Check with your finger that there is no gap or space between the mask frame and your face. Any space will cause water to leak in (and who doesn’t hate that?)

      Note: You want to tighten your mask as much as possible, but still make it comfortable on your face. Don’t overdo the tightness since you want to stay comfy in the water.

      Note 2: Having a proper seal around your mask is super important, I’m not playing around here! When you’re testing your mask do try to take the time to do it properly and make sure there is no hair or anything in between, and no sunscreen on your face.

      My mask doesn’t fit! What to do?

      For smaller or larger faces, or if your Equaliser doesn’t have the proper fit, no stress! You can still use a Ninja Shark snorkel mask with one of our foldable adult masks that come in two sizes (S/M or L/XL). We’ll arrange a swap for you, and you can test the foldable snorkel mask on your face to see if it is a better fit for your face. Check out our foldable masks here.

      If you already have the foldable snorkel mask, test this one out and see if it fits differently. This mask has a totally different frame design to our Equaliser masks and is sometimes better suited for unique face shapes (you one-of-a-kind beauty, you!)

      Having a proper seal around your mask is super important, I’m not playing around here! When you’re testing your mask do try to take the time to do it properly and make sure there is no hair or anything in between, and no sunscreen on your face.

      What size for the Equaliser?

      Equaliser comes at this stage with universal size, fits most +12 years, but it is not recommended for very small (narrow) or large faces.

      Yes, I know it's a bit vague, but make sure you are checking the size chart guide available on each product page.

      On the other hand, the Foldable comes in 2 x sizes and it's tailored for more faces.

      Equaliser works with kids?

      By default, the general recommendation is for anyone above +12 years.

      Now we know each face is unique and there are differences from person to person.

      That is why we strongly recommend measuring the size chart guide on the product page to make sure you sit between those recommended values.

      We do have many kids under 12 years that use the Equaliser, but they are known for a bigger face structure for their age.

      Do you offer express shipping?

      Yes, for sure we do since we really want for you to get this beauty ASAP.

      During the checkout process, you have the option to upgrade to Express Shipping.

      By default, we have Free Standard delivery.

      Do you have any stockists?

      No, sorry.

      We are currently selling exclusively online.

      But, rest assured, we ship super fast from Sydney and you have 30 days to have a test.

      We have a very flexible return & refund policy.

      All orders are coming with free swaps (should you want to change the mask) and as always our Lifetime Warranty promise.

      Can I pickup?

      This is done case by case from our Sydney location.

      Should you want to pick up your order, please get in touch with us as soon as possible (before or immediately after placing the order).

      The tube is foldable or detachable for easy storage?

      The Ninja Shark Equaliser has the tube detachable.

      You can attach and detach it as you like and store it easily while you travel.

      What's the weight?

      We estimate the weight for just the mask around 600 grams.

      Does the mask put pressure on your nose or cheeks?

      There’s not so much pressure at all on the cheeks but obviously each face is unique.

      You have 30 days to get your mask and have a test to see if it fits and feel comfortable for your face.

      We have many customers that had previous facial surgeries and can't use the traditional snorkel. Equaliser was the best decision for them.

      The Equaliser looks very small (it's a kids mask?)

      No, the Equaliser is not a mask dedicated for kids.

      The Equaliser is an adult mask.

      But, you are right. The mask looks smaller than all the other type of full-face snorkel masks.

      That's because the entire frame is different, it doesn't have to cover your face - just apply to your face.

      How do you determine a narrow face?

      That's not so easy. But, if you had previous issues with hats, helmets, glasses, other gear it's the first sign.

      Usually, people with narrow faces know that from previous experiences.

      Due to the nature of the face and the mask, is hard to have a specific value for width. But on the height, we do have some guidelines and you can check the size chart guide on each product page.

      Don't forget you have 30 days to test any Ninja Shark mask and you can return should it not fit properly.

      Can you wear glasses with the Equaliser?

      No, sorry.

      Having a proper seal of the mask to your face is mandatory to ensure no leakage.

      Anything added in between the mask frame and your skin can cause leakage.

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