Winter Special Package: Kids Full Face Snorkel Mask + Fins + Bag

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“A huge hit – the children instinctively put them on and played without even needing any help. Easy to use and very effective, and more to the point, fun!” – Chris G.

Super Long Tube & Flat Lens

It can be tough getting kids and little ones to enjoy snorkelling. Most of the masks out there are uncomfortable, leak, fog up, leave marks on children’s faces, and make it difficult to breathe. Until now, that is! The Ninja Shark full face kids’ snorkelling mask takes all these problems and resolves them, in one advanced new snorkel that’s easy to use and just as fun to wear.

  • No more CO2 buildup
  • No more fogging
  • Improved anti-leak seal
  • Top dry system
  • Maximum visibility
  • GoPro mounting
  • Fully adjustable straps
  • Automatic drainage

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