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Kids loved them!

We bought two long tube masks for the girls as a Xmas present, they first tested them in the bath!! The next trip was the beach, they spent hours in the water, my 3yr old son wanted to use the masks too. He loved it as well, he'll be getting one for his birthday. 😊

Little Dolphin

I was amazed at the quality of the mask. The elastic band is a welcoming change from the older rubber style bands. The fan makes breathing real easy. No water leaks. Thoroughly enjoyed the mask in Rarotonga. And the best part is.... ZERO fogging!!

Breathing is easy!

Swam with whale sharks and manta rays with the Electra mask and had full view with ease of breathing. I am someone who struggles with traditional snorkel masks but this made me able to enjoy snorkeling for once!

Great quality product & great fit!

My Granddaughter now has a mask so as well as me so we can go on adventures together.

Electra Mask - did not disappoint!

The Electra Mask allowed us hours of easy snorkelling, natural breathing with clear, full vision. When diving under the water the snorkel self clears, so easy to use, fits well with no water leaking in……love them, definitely recommend

Lots of fun

I ordered the pink basic one for my 3.5 year old girl and the Electra for me. After using it for the first time yesterday, it was such a delight to forget about breathing when swimming around. At first it felt too tight, but once in the pool it felt just right (I have a 63cm head = XXL with helmets). I experienced no fogging, likely due to the fresh air flow across the plastic, and no leaks. I pulled the mask away from my face to experiment with the drainage system which worked perfectly once my face was fully out of the water. I could still breath when it was still in the water, it just gurgled and sputtered until I came up. It was slightly more work on my chest than using a regular snorkel - maybe this is because I am expecting breathing to take effort using a snorkel but as I said, I forgot I was wearing the Electra.

Being able to talk with your lips is helpful too, although I suspect I can hear myself better than my family could. IT is really nice not having water against your lips.

I haven't used an unpowered mask to be able to tell the difference that the powered fan makes.

The float valve completely stopped any water leaking in from the top even when trying to breath in when fully submerged.

The lack of ability to equalise isn’t that troublesome because the airspace in the mask is so buoyant it is hard to dive down.

My daughter doesn’t quite seem to understand she can breath when her face in underwater so she is still “coming up for air”, but i imagine she will get the hang eventually - there might be a leak around her chin because 3 is a lot smaller than 11 which I think this one is sized up to - my 30 year old sister-in-law had a go and it worked and she loved it. I’d still suggest she got an adult one though.

I am concerned that the clasp to keep the stalk attached looks a bit flimsy and am glad I bought the lifetime warranty, I imagine that will come in handy. Likewise, the GoPro mount feels like it will break on the first go. Other than that build quality feels nice and the silicon feels good against my skin.

I think I will buy a vented Tupperware to put them in because the bag might let the screen get scratched

Ordered two weeks before our trip to Hawaii and sent an email to customer service as I was a bit worried the masks wouldn’t arrive on time. Got a quick and reassuring email back from John. Masks arrived on time and worked perfectly for our snorkelling adventures in Oahu. Extremely happy with our purchase and customer service with Ninja Shark

Great just a bit foggy

We bought this one for our 4 year old. We finally got her to snorkel thanks to that device (he can't do proper snorkel yet). He loves. The only downside is that even with all the baby shampoo in the world it still fog. Apart from that we love it.


Yes absolutely love it, I admit I did own a cheaper brand one, it really was a waste of money. So glad this grandmother invested in the ninja shark. No fogging ... you can just keep on swimming ( in my Dory voice lol ) . A big thank you love snorkelling even more now 😊

Finally cracked the swimming trick

Battled with the 6yr old the last year with swimming but this finally solved our problems! Now swims like a little fish all day long. Even the four yr old is catching up to him now with hers on. 100% recommend

I will never snorkel the old fashion way again

I purchased an adult and 2 kids ninja masks. I could dive under water, never had to take my mask off to de-fog it. Plus I was swimming in some rough seas and never tasted salty water once. Life changing!


These masks are amazing! Our kids were using the masks with ease in the river. So easy to see through and they didnt get any fear from putting their faces under water with the masks on. Definitly will get a lot of use out them.

Air adults mask and fins package

Bought the package for my Husband, Daughter and I for our trip to Cairns.The masks were amazing! Fitted well and once adjusted they were easy to use. The water kept out and they didn't fog up either. The snorkle blocks off if it goes under water and worked well considering we had zinc sunscreen on our faces. They are much better than using a traditional mask and snorkel. Lots of other people asked where we got them from as they are a fantastic idea. We didn't use the fins as we were snorkelling at the islands. Great to have the package as it comes with a great bag to store all the gear in. Would definitely recommend them, we actually felt sorry for all the other people using traditional snorkel and masks.
We have turned into Ninja shark mask snobs!

Best Xmas gift ever

Amaizing product so far, no foggy, confortable, very versatile.
It’s first time for my son to use snorkeling stuff, and he just feel instantly like he did before.
Also looks like very good quality product.
Love the accessory for the gopro

Kids love it

My 3 and 5 year old find this easy to use and makes snorkelling so much easier for the kids. Great product with no leaks and perfect for the beach/lake.


My grandson would never put his face under water. We gave him this product for Christmas but never used it till a couple of days ago. After two hours with his face under water it was a struggle to get him out. Thanks for a great product

Absolutely fantastic!

We brought these for our kids for Christmas and it has helped strengthen their confidence in the water whilst introducing them to a whole new world underwater! They are absolutely fantastic!

Family Fun

Bought the snorkelling kits for my family so they can enjoy the beautiful underwater world in WA (hopefully) this year. They have had some fun over Christmas having a practice.

ninja shark

The Pro and kids package were outstanding. Comfotable to wear, no water leaks and uncomplicated for little people.

The 4k Ultra

Excellent product and excellent business to deal with!
4K resolution is great, gives me the opportunity to take screenshots later, included some below.

Ninja pro adult snorkel

Has been fantastic. Love the way it fits around face..As I have to swim in 16 /18 degrees ocean water do not get the terrible head freeze. Also the separate area for breathing does not fog up and so easy to breathe. Best present I bought myself during the lockdown,. Have also spread the news to other swimmers and they have loved the ninja . Will try sending a photo

Works like magic!

This small gadget does wonders, saves me a lot of time, cleans my dog's paws very quick and he's not so impatient anymore, I guess he loves the massage he gets too and the best thing about, it's super easy to clean.

Awesome !

I’m now @illtake_thewindowseat you can see I’ve been using these masks a lot!!! They are just amazing!! So easy to use, no achy mouth from the snorkel, breathe like normal it’s just epic!! Best purchase I’ve made this year!! 👌🐬🐠🤩

A different full-face snorkel mask

I bought it at a low price on Father’s Day, which I love. I still haven’t gotten to use it, because we’re in lockdown. All I can say is that it is of a good quality and different from other snorkel masks due to the smart air circulation system. I can’t wait to go on vacation with my family and test it.

Lockdown magic

Unfortunately our barrier reef holiday was cancelled due to the Covid lockdown so I can’t comment on what the snorkel is like to use in the water but it is great for noise cancelling during Zoom calls while working at home.
We just call it “indoor snorkelling”! 🤣🤣