Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago
Enjoy snorkelling at the highest level
New EQUALISER Snorkel Mask
Arrives Soon!
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The most advanced Full Face Snorkelling Mask, just become even more advanced!
The Equaliser Mask, the most ICONIC Ninja Shark product, is launching this month in an upgrade version, with new features, to take the snorkelling experience to the highest level.
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🤿 2 x sizes available
🤿 Foldable, Longer Tube
🤿 Improved temple area
🤿 Improved larger nose area
🤿 Maintaining the same high quality using medical grade silicone


The new Equaliser version is now available in 2 sizes: S / M and L / XL
We’ve designed and patented an innovative new Equaliser full face snorkel mask that fits everyone above the age of 12.
It’s never been easier to find a snorkel mask that fits to your face shape.


The flexible silicone nose pocket has been improved and has more space for more comfort. As usual, it allows you to pinch your nose for proper equalisation.


Simply push a button and the snorkel will fold down over the mask, making it easily stored and transported. You can put it in your suitcase and save a lot of space.


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