Key TIPS for survival Black Friday & Cyber Monday on

Be prepared to catch the lowest prices of the year!

Here's what you need to do:

📢 STEP 1: Prepare your shopping list early and save big

Search on the site and get informed! It is good to start on the road with a clear idea of what you would like to buy, what product fits you and what the budget would be. 
Make sure you know your measure for the desired products. Choose your size according our measurement chart below every mask to make sure it’s perfect fit. 

📢 STEP 2: Subscribe to our EARLY BIRD Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Get your start ahead of everyone. Be the first to hear when Black Friday discounts are available! Enter your email and we’ll let you know 1 day ahead everyone to get early access. 
Black Friday 2020 comes with special limited stock and discount up to 70% OFF to all our snorkelling & swimming products. This year will be epic! 

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📢 STEP 3: User Account

It is very simple and easy to order online, and the products are delivered directly to your door. And extra bonus, avoid the crowds of shops and traffic. We strongly recommended to create today your Ninja Shark personal user account and add your shipping details to shortcut your purchase. 

You can create your account here ->

📢 STEP 4: Order online from mobile

Sign up on the Ninja Shark website and fill in the deliveries address, and watch all our email so you can find out about Black Friday deals in advance. Plus you can order much faster without anyone taking you before. 

📢 STEP 5: Order CHRISTMAS GIFTS in advance

Due to the situation of Covid-19, but also to the busy period for courier companies, there will be a possible delay in delivery. 

Don't forget to get organised and order early, so that your gifts are on time under the Christmas tree! Stay healthy and safe.

📢 STEP 6: Hydration & Snacking

In the fever of shopping it is very simple to forget about food and hydration. Keep your mind clear for even more shopping on Ninja Shark, drink plenty of water and choose light but nutritious snacks. 

Make sure you receive your emails

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are peak volume email days. With more shopping activity and sales, the number of transactional emails sent during this time period is also on the rise.

We don’t want you to miss our important email offer because they end up in your spam or junk Folder! Here are some quick notes about how you can manage your inbox to ensure you don’t miss our deals.

Each email provider has its own rules and filters.

The number of unsolicited emails is growing year by year and this can cause real and important emails, like ours, being moved to the spam/junk.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do, but there are a few things that you can do, to make sure you always receive our emails in your inbox (not spam/junk).

The short version would be to add the email address on your contact list - but that won't fully do it anymore.


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