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The Snorkelling Revolution 
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Years ago, our founder, Andrew Porter began a worldwide movement to inspire people all over the world to discover the underwater mysteries. He called it the Snorkelling Revolution.
To date, hundreds of thousands of people have joined our Ninja Shark community, and become a part of this Snorkelling Revolution. Every day, this community of snorkelling people continues to grow—and inspires new generations to love the ocean at any age.
To our Ninja Shark community, snorkelling is something to celebrate. It’s not something to be “accepted” or “put up with,” but something to take pride in, to revel in, and to honor in every year of your life. 
We invite you to join us.
Great product!!!!! Solved my breathing issues. I usually struggle with standard snorkel masks and tubes so I decided to try this out. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to use. I didn’t have any issues with breathing and I think the visibility was much better. This solved the precious breathing issues i had while snorkeling with a tube. The GoPro mount on top was also pretty handy for taking videos.
– Erica
Best snorkeling experience ever. I bought this snorkel mask for my son for Christmas and he just loves it! He can’t stop raving about how amazing it is. I have tried it too and it’s such a huge step up on a traditional snorkel and mask I can understand why my son loves it so much. This really was worth the money!
– Pam
Our 5yo daughter’s first time (NinjaShark) snorkelling. We purchased a NinjaShark for our daughter for a holiday to the Gold Coast. She is confident in the water, but never worn more than swim goggles. The hotel had a salt water lagoon with fish, and I was keen for her to check it out. Without hesitation, she was able to slip on the NinjaShark and into the water. No learning curve at all. She was so excited to see the fish, and in no time at all was pointing them out to me and exploring.
– Chris T.
Mind blowing. I was one of the lucky beta testers of the new foldable mask for kids. 
I have to admit I was more than impressed with the level of detailed and the improvements it comes. 
My kids love them and they are indeed easier to store and the funny cartoon character on the tube makes them laugh all the time. 
Very happy and once again, great job Ninja Shark, very impressed.
– Mark