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Hey, #TeamNinjaShark!

Meet our Brand Ambassador - Nicholas Pay, customer Ninja Shark.

Nicholas Pay and his wife Josie live in Nusa Lembongan, 30 minutes from Bali.

The family, originally from Australia, have moved to a new life on the most popular island from Indonesia, being one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world, due to the various entertainment sources: snorkelling, diving, fishing, jungle trips, yoga, surfing, Balinese massage.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

The Pay family loves snorkelling, an activity you should not miss in Bali, and enjoy this experience every day.

Watch the video below to check what he had to say about his Ninja Shark Products.

Congratulations Nicholas, so glad to collaborate with you! Don’t miss his story about Ninja Shark on Instagram - check @nickpaylembonganphoto. 

You can be our next Brand Ambassador! Visit the Brand Ambassador page on our website and apply to join the team.


Snorkelling Enthusiasts. Happy Customers. Social Media Influencers. Outdoor Activities Lovers. Pro-Snorkel Revolution.

You can be our next Brand Ambassador! Visit the Brand Ambassador page on our website and apply to join the team. 

Every month, we’ll be choosing one new inspiring person to be our Ninja Shark Ambassador…someone who embodies our message of loving outdoor activities and travel at every age.

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  • You’re excited about being a voice for all outdoor & travel enthusiasts.
  • You feel completely at ease filming short videos on your phone or other device. ( Or having someone else film you! ).
  • You love Ninja Shark and you’re excited to spread the world about what we do.

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How many people dream of snorkelling but don't feel comfortable wearing a snorkel mask?

The Influencer @lud.around is a NINJASHARK lover!

NINJASHARK is the sound of a revolution in snorkeling. Whereas other water equipments companies are constantly adding poor quality products, we listen to your feedback and constantly improve our products to fit for all of your needs.

"I'm not leaving my room without the mask. The full face snorkeling mask from Australia is comfortable and fit me perfectly! Love how easy it is to breath out your nose and mouth when you snorkeling and even has earplugs!"

“The mask include GOPRO mounts, so you can easily film and photograph underwater scenery! I highly recommend especially to people who have a fear of snorkeling! This mask is really easy to use and is safe!” said @lud.around. “I can’t wait for my next trip with my new mask!”

The Ninja Shark full face snorkel masks makes your experiences the best they can be. They are exclusively sold on the Ninja Shark website.

The Ninja Shark full face snorkel masks comes equipped with advanced Anti-Fog technology, automatic drainage, no CO2 Buildup with improved uni-directional valves, and a revolutionary breathe flow system so you can breathe through both your nose and mouth.

“If you thought we’re just here to sell you products, think again. You’re part of the Ninja Shark family, and your feedback matters! We’re constantly working to improve our products and deliver the full face snorkel mask that exists only in our dreams!”

What customers are saying about us…

“Awesome set.

Loved the complete set. I even used the waterproof phone pouch to take photos and videos underwater. It made my Fiji experience so much better than using the free snorkel set that hurt your face after 2hours and leaving a sun/mask mark. The ninja leaves no marks and gives great vision under water in comparison. It did take some getting used to but it definitely paid off! Only frustration is that the tightening straps are quite basic; they should be much simpler to loosen and tighten both in and out of water.” – Jock

Try our line of snorkelling and swimming gear
by Ninja Shark! You’ll love it.

All Ninja Shark Products are tailor-made
with medical silicone.

We care about making our products safe and healthy for you—and our planet.
That’s why the Ninja Shark Full Face Snorkelling Masks are made from a non-toxic and environmentally friendly anti-allergic medical grade silicone, that’s not only safer for your kids but safer for you too.

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by Christine on November 26, 2021

Does it fog up if you are puffed out and breathing heavily? I read that about a cheaper one.


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