Full Face Snorkel Masks vs Traditional Snorkel Masks

If you’re an avid snorkeller, you’ll have noticed full face snorkel masks floating on the scene and causing a stir with their revolutionary design. Even as a snorkelling newbie, you’re sure to have seen full face snorkel masks while shopping around for the perfect piece of snorkelling equipment. It’s pretty obvious just by looking at […]

How to Overcome Your Fear of Water, Swimming, and Snorkelling

How to Overcome Your Fear of Water Swimming and Snorkelling

Sure, we live in a country where 85% of us live within 50km of the coastline, but does that mean we’re all splashing around in the sea, sparkling with confidence and enthusiasm? Nope. There are heaps of us out there with a fear of water, swimming, and snorkelling who would love to be joining the […]

Wanna Go Snorkelling? 8 Tips for First-Time Snorkellers and Beginners

Look, we’ve said it a million times and we’ll say it again – snorkelling is one of the most exciting, beautiful, relaxing, and breathtaking activities you can do. Whether you’re in the water for an hour or three hours, it doesn’t matter, you’ll always come out feeling great and alive. If you’re a first-time snorkeller, […]

7 Questions People Ask About Full Face Snorkel Masks

Got a question about our full face snorkel masks? Chances are you weren’t the only one to think of it, and someone’s already asked. Lucky you, the answer’s right here! Whether you’ve already got your full face mask or you’re still in the pondering stages, this article should clear things up. It’s not like full […]

Why you need a swimsuit for your snorkelling activity

So you’ve got your awesome snorkel mask, some great fins that’ll get you swimming faster than ever, and you’re ready to go hit the sea and explore some underwater coral life. Or are you? While many people think that all you need for snorkelling are your basic snorkel, fins, and mask, you’ll be a lot […]