About Ninja Shark

Curious about the crew behind the snorkel? Meet the small, passionate, and proud Aussie Ninja Shark team!

Here’s who you’ll be chatting to if you decide to get in contact via email or phone.

Andrew & Alizee Ninja SharkAndrew Porter, CEO and Alizee Porter, CFO

Andrew and Alizee are lifelong entrepreneurs and happy husband and wife (you can probably guess who is who).

Andrew (husband), is the visionary and marketing genius behind Ninja Shark. He’s always loved to swim and explore vast open waters, whether that be in a river, lake, or sea. Since he started snorkelling with a full face mask and flippers, however, his fascination with the underwater world has become unstoppable. The sea will be conquered!

Alizee (wife), is first and foremost a child of the land and avid hiker, with her passion for mysterious underwater life coming in second. In her past life (as in, before Ninja Shark life), Alizee created and sold a real estate company and managed the backend of numerous other businesses. She’s the glue that keeps Ninja Shark from busting at the proverbial seams as it grows from its current state of small Aussie family business. She’s the business brain, taking care of all things logistical and numeric (life saver!)

The birth of Ninja Shark

Ninja Shark started out more as a passion than a business.

Since Andrew and Alizee loved to go underwater so much, they tried to take their friends with them. We’ve all been in that situation where we try to share an incredible experience with loved ones, and that’s where Andrew and Alizee were at. But every so often, they’d come across someone who just couldn’t manage to breathe through a tube with their nose blocked (i.e, snorkelling).

It’s a wide held belief amongst the general public that snorkelling can be a little difficult. It’s fair enough – breathing seems unnatural with a snorkel, and the mouthpiece might be considered uncomfortable or unhygienic. The mask’s field of vision can be quite narrow, and when it fogs up you don’t really get to enjoy the underwater marvels so much.

You might be reading this as a snorkeller and scoffing, but it’s all true! Many studies have been conducted on the beaches of Europe, China, and Brazil, and the results all share the same sentiment: snorkelling is often considered difficult by the general public.

So, that was what started Andrew and Alizee off on their journey, where they eventually found the concept of a full face mask. Although the idea was already on the market, it was in its early beginnings, and they had to be sure it was something worth recommending to their friends.

Andrew and Alizee tested at least 6-7 types of full face masks, each with their own unique differences. They were surprised to find so much variation between the different types of full face masks, despite it being a relative newcomer to the scene.

Over the next 12 months, Andrew and Alizee worked tirelessly writing down, testing, adapting, studying, and testing again, to come up with the most advanced full face mask on the market.

And that’s how Ninja Shark can offer you the numerous improvements made to the special v2.0 full face mask model.

Full face mask timeline

Here’s the history of the full face mask:

Full Face Mask History Evolution

  1. V1, Monster: A non-functional scale model that illustrates the concept of the full face mask with integrated snorkel.
  2. V2, Monster II: After the initial tests conducted on Monster II, the design team noted some anomalies caused by its curved glass, which created vision disturbances and nausea. Next!
  3. V3, Prototype III: For this prototype, the field of vision was improved. The anomalies from Monster II were resolved by replacing the curved glass with flat glass. However, this version did not solve the fogging issue.
  4. V4, Prototype IV: This time, the teams concentrated their efforts on air flow so as to resolve the fogging problem. Many adjustments were needed to find a solution that wouldn’t affect breathing and vision comfort.
  5. V5, Final Prototype: This model is fully functional and includes part of the final commercial design. The design of the glass and certain aesthetic aspects were adjusted and then validated with this version.
  6. V6, Commercial: This is the commercial version that all the suppliers on the market provide. This is also the first model we made contact with. Pretty much everything you can currently buy from other sellers is the same as this model.
  7. V7, The Final: This is the latest and most improved version of the full face snorkel mask. It comes with many improvements and adjustments in comparison to the original model. Just to name a few: foldable tube, longer tube, anti-fog coating, medical anti-allergenic silicone, GoPro accessories mount and dismount, improved flat screen for full 180° panoramic view to provide perfect visibility, free earplugs, and many others.

We’re such strong believers in our advanced and improved version of the full face snorkel mask, that all our masks come with a Lifetime Warranty. Yes, that’s right. If you purchase a Ninja Shark full face snorkel mask and can’t use it anymore due to a malfunction, we’ll replace it for FREE. No BS or long, microscopic terms and conditions.

Don’t waste time waiting for products to ship from overseas; we’re an Australian business, and we ship FAST! That exciting snorkelling trip with your awesome new mask could be soon – so grab one of our innovative full face snorkeling masks today!